Tesla Polyphase Analysis Breakthough RELEASED!
Date: Sunday, March 22, 2015 @ 18:52:44 GMT
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And... a FREE 52 minute discussion with Eric Dollard as he explains what this book is about. There is a YouTube video embedded on the website linked to below.

Hi Vlad, Today, we're making history in mathematics!

If this were 100 years ago, this would be on the cover of every major magazine, but today, we are only beginning to reawaken the interest in the foundations of electrical science.

This is NOT just for math people - You're got to hear the free interview and read the website below!

Nikola Tesla developed the polyphase power system but it was Charles Proteus Steinmetz that first used Versor Algebra to analyze it and he adapted Tesla's original four phase system into a three phase system that is still in use today.

The problem is that conventional math couldn't analyze the three phase system without Dr. Fortescue's Method of Symmetrical Coordinates.

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For the first time ever, Eric Dollard presents not only the only theoretical basis for this entire concept that has ever been released but a simplified version of it using some of Steinmetz's methods without jeopardizing it's effectiveness.

This is very important for electrical engineers because Eric's creation makes it possible to analyze systems of any number of phases in the simplest way possible but it is also important because this sets the stage to be able to analyze the music of Bach or any polyphonic music. Electricity and music are just the beginning with this new understanding of a simplified way to analyze multi-phase systems - the applications are endless and the future is very bright.

Whether you're a layman, musician, electrical engineer, physicist, mathematician or otherwise, make sure to get a copy of Eric Dollard's Versor Algebra book, which just made history!

This helps to support his work at EPD Laboratories and encourages him to keep creating groundbreaking writings such as this.

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