The New Energy Revolution Gets Down to Business
Date: Sunday, March 29, 2015 @ 19:25:23 GMT
Topic: Investors

Welcome! This is LENR-Cities. LENR-Cities applies the sharing economy model to market development with a focus on disruptive technologies.

Manifesto - Our Vision

Our society needs new technologies that can supply abundant, cheap, clean energy. Only then can we restore and sustainably use the basic resources of our home, our “Planet A”.

LENR is the best candidate. Research into LENR (Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions) has been ongoing since 1989 and it is now a validated phenomenon at Technology Readiness Level 4.  Our work with the LENR community has shown that in addition to energy, this field of science and technology holds potential for activities such as nuclear waste mitigation, transmutation, superconductivity, hydrogen production, direct production of electricity and others. We are using the umbrella term LENR as a reference to this field. LENR is deeply linked to materials science and is a major area of investment at the forefront of nanoscience and nanotechnology research.

New developments in the LENR field indicate that the year 2015 might come to be known as "Year 1" of a new industrial era.  In a few years’ time, early adopters, enterprises and individuals will be able to be autonomous and energy independent. Societies everywhere will develop new economies that combine growth and sustainability.

LENR will be the catalyst of a massive reshaping of worldwide industry toward clean, sustainable, pervasive, customer-centric activities, and will provide a chance to change and improve lives worldwide.

The global challenge is nothing less than to develop a new economy. The objective is not only to develop an industry for LENR technologies but to enable any industry to innovate by integrating LENR into their own technology and products.  We need radical market innovation to manage a massive grassroots transition to the LENR industry, because LENR has potential to trigger innovation and growth in all industries, not just energy production.

Any serious business plan to develop LENR must take into account what the market will be, independent of whoever is in charge of the technology. Taking in account the impact of LENR is mandatory to make LENR transition successful.  Any successful transition to LENR must combine technological and marketplace innovation. This is a challenge, but because of the current worldwide status quo, there is no other option than implementing radical new technologies at full scale within the next 20 years.

Although challenging, this kind of radical change is possible. The World Wide Web provides a perfect and unique example of such massive, rapid transition, but it is not a perfect analogy. The rise of digital communications through the World Wide Web encouraged and supported rapid, large-scale change in a way that LENR technology itself does not. LENR will need help. In order to sustain this massive transition, LENR-Cities transposes some powerful business models of the digital economy into the LENR environment and into industry.  The purpose of LENR-Cities is to implement such market innovation in an efficient and resilient ecosystem: LENRG.

LENRG is a European-centric ecosystem, aimed at accelerating the development and the industrialization of LENR technology by orchestrating the mutual self-interests of scientists, industrialists, investors and private individuals.

The LENRG ecosystem is open to any person or firm that is willing to support the ecosystem’s objectives as a way to develop their own particular activity, technology or project.  LENRG will give small and medium enterprises, business communities, and startups access to the technology, the ability to integrate their own offerings into this new industry, and the capacity to adapt their business in a fast-evolving technological and economic environment.

LENRG will be open, fully networked, resilient, replicable and adoptable on any scale. It will deliver superior competitive advantages to trigger a massive adoption of LENR technology.

LENR-Cities promotes “Open Business” and is looking for sponsors willing to participate in this major challenge: Developing an independent, neutral, transparent and trustworthy organization to run the project.


Yes, the global challenge is nothing less than to develop a new economy. But, if we can't change first the modern growth society which relies on an ever-accelerating cycle of production, consumption and throw away (see "planned obsolescence"), cheap/free energy may just be the kiss of death for the future humans on this "Planet A". [Vlad]

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