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Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 @ 20:42:32 GMT
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Press Release 06/09/03

Genesis World Energy™ (GWE) Poised To Meet The Energy Production Demands Of Over 100 Nations Through The Creation Of A Worldwide Supplier, Manufacturing and Support Services Network

Technology Consortium Sets the Stage for Business Opportunities, Economic Growth for Communities and Research Grants for Universities

Boise, ID - June 10, 2003 - The quest for fossil and nuclear fuel independence, once considered unattainable, is now within reach as representatives from the private and public sector from over 100 nations embark on a strategic partnership with GWE to position the Genesis Technology into the infrastructure of each respective country. GWE announced today their plans to establish a number of new, large-scale manufacturing and support facilities within the United States to produce key components related to the Genesis Technology. In addition, they are setting up a worldwide network of suppliers and providers of services needed to support the demand for worldwide production of their revolutionary energy generation technology.

Current GWE energy applications for the technology include the "Edison Device," a self-contained, self-sustaining energy generation system for homes and businesses, and the Genesis HICEF (Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Fuel), a "quantum-leap" innovation in the category of hydrogen-based automotive and transportation power systems. A third application of the Genesis Technology is scheduled to be announced in August 2003.

Projected One Million Units Manufactured Per Day

Based on current established levels of product demand for 2004, manufacturing of approximately one million energy generation systems, per business day, is required to satisfy the needs of the more than 100 nations. Each variation of the Genesis Technology requires the use of hundreds to thousands of components, as well as a wide range of other related support services in delivering and supporting these systems globally. Although there will be manufacturing facilities located worldwide, all essential proprietary components required to operate the Genesis Technology will be manufactured exclusively in the United States.

Genesis World Energy's Innovative Supplier Opportunities

GWE has developed innovative procurement and partnership programs that will allow large and small suppliers of materials, products and services to support their needs profitably, and on a predictable long-term basis, without the need to price compete with other suppliers. As a result, suppliers who offer consistent quality and meet delivery will maintain and expand their share of support.

In order to create an equitable and level marketplace for its worldwide supplier network, GWE has established two unique supplier relationship models: Cost Plus Supplier (CPS) and Cost Plus Partner (CPP). The objective of these programs is to establish a uniform, stable, and long-term synergy that, as a matter of business practice and competition, will not permit competitors to gain an unfair market advantage and drive down supplier's profit margins. A third supplier relationship model, Qualified Products Listing (QPL), allows manufacturers of end products, which can be used as components within GWE devices, to sell directly to GWE affiliated assembly operations in over 100 nations worldwide.

Cost Plus Supplier (CPS) - This supply and support relationship relates to independent suppliers who operate from their own facilities, providing components, products and services to GWE for use in the production and support of key Genesis technology-related assemblies. Manufacturers of GWE-based products worldwide are required to obtain these products, components, and services from GWE's operations in the United States on an exclusive source basis. This innovate program provides suppliers with the ability to provide products and services on an agreed upon fixed cost reimbursement, plus a 35% fixed gross margin basis.

Cost Plus Partner (CPP) - Participating as a CPP supplier offers the same predictability as CPS suppliers, however, there are important differences. CPP participants perform their support of GWE requirements within central GWE operated facilities, shared by GWE and other key CPP suppliers. CPP relationships are necessary for GWE to provide secure and reliable "just in time" support for its assembly lines, which are geared to operate 24 hours a day and up to 7 days a week. In consideration for participating in the CPP program, CPP suppliers receive the reimbursement of agreed upon direct costs, and a 50% fixed gross margin.

Neither the CPS nor CPP relationships require suppliers to compete with each other based on price.

Reimbursement of direct costs on CPS and CPP contracts that GWE issues for products and services are adjustable based on changes in costs resulting from market conditions. However, the per unit monetary value representing the gross margin allocation that GWE establishes with its CPS and CPP suppliers becomes a fixed monetary amount and is not typically subject to upward or downward change. Therefore, it provides a totally predictable and consistent revenue and earnings proposition for CPS and CPP suppliers.

Qualified Product Listing (QPL) - This is a GWE listing of ready-to-use products and services from suppliers that have been tested, evaluated, and deemed compatible by GWE for use within various Genesis technology-based systems. GWE affiliated assembly operations, in over 100 nations worldwide, will be able to select QPL-based products and services that best meet their individual needs in assembling and supporting the long-term operation of Genesis technology-based systems that are delivered to consumers within each of their respective markets.

Suppliers and manufacturers of all sizes are now urged to visit the GWE website at for more details and to review the list of needed key components and services, and to contact GWE via a web-based form in order to express interest in joining the international supplier network. Although there is no established deadline for inquiries, priority is given to those who respond by August 31, 2003.

GWE Begins Site Selection for Manufacturing and Support Facilities - New Jobs and Career Opportunities Will Revitalize Communities

GWE has begun the process of evaluating potential sites in the United States for the manufacture and support of key technology components that will be used by strategic worldwide partners in assembling Genesis-based energy generation products. Among the variables that will be considered for potential sites include:
existing facilities that are easily adaptable for GWE use,
corporate tax structure,
available volume rail and trucking services,
a stable, dedicated workforce capable of keeping pace with company growth.
GWE is committed to bringing additional jobs and career opportunities to many communities where they locate. At a time when 8.8 million Americans are unemployed, new GWE manufacturing and support facilities will be able to play a role in revitalizing local communities. A range of traditional manufacturing and support skill sets will be required at each new facility; however, GWE and its corporate partners will provide training for a majority of job positions being created.

Among the anticipated employee benefits are: above market salaries, healthcare, life insurance coverage, as well as daycare and tuition reimbursement.

Research and Development Grants and Royalty Revenue Sharing for Universities and Private Sector

GWE's goal is to fund the continuous exploration of potential enhancements in the Genesis Technology. As a result, GWE is soliciting long-term research and development relationships with universities and private organizations that wish to participate in advancing Genesis and other valuable technologies, related to a range of scientific, engineering and invention-related disciplines. In addition to base grants, recipients will also be eligible to receive a pro rata share of monthly royalty revenue.

Financial Opportunities

Genesis World Energy and its hundreds of consortium-based, corporate manufacturing and support partners estimate that within the next 12 months they will expend approximately $20 Billion (US) domestically within the United States in the acquisition of facilities and equipment, in order to meet worldwide demand for the Genesis energy generation technology. GWE and its corporate partners will be seeking various forms of secured debt; as well as lease and equity-based financing to meet some of these financial needs. Groups and individuals who are interested in providing funding are invited to participate. Some financing opportunities offer participation in revenue streams.

Educational Grants for Women - The Angel Scholarship Fund

In gratitude for the significant contribution women have made to the Genesis Project, GWE has posted information on their website, offering grant-based scholarships to financially-challenged women. This special opportunity is available to women wishing to pursue careers in areas such as science, physics, technology, business management, and medicine.

Under the terms of these grants, GWE will cover all ordinary costs of education at a university of the successful applicant's choice, all agreed upon ordinary living expenses, and agreed upon daycare costs for single mothers with children.

To obtain more detailed information or to express interest in the supplier network, facility locations, employment, research and development grants, finance, and educational opportunities please visit the GWE site at

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