Energy harvesting by means of "quantum" tunneling effects
Date: Friday, June 05, 2015 @ 01:20:31 GMT
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All you wanted to know about the shortcomings of Maxwell's electrodynamics, prohibiting Tesla and Moray style energy harvesting, you can find in this paper:

First it is outlined that Maxwell's force law (aka the Lorentz force) does not satisfy Newton's third principle of motion (violation of the reciprocal action-reaction force principle) in case of open circuits of electric current. Secondly, Maxwell's theory "in the Lorenz gauge" is far field inconsistent.

By introducing two scalar functions that represent physical fields, a generalized magnetostatics and electrodynamics is derived that is free of inconsistencies, and which describes two types of longitudinal electric waves in vacuum (or other media): the LEM wave and the Phi wave. This theory explains many experimental results, including several claims of wireless energy transport/conversion and harvesting (from natural sources).

It is concluded that the "quantum" tunneling of many electrons through an energy barrier is a very important effect with respect to the sending-receiving of Phi waves.  The quantum tunneling of electrons is very different from a continuous electron charge flow, and it violates the continuity equation of charge/current.

The 'pre-discharge' glow of high voltage electrodes is a sign of quantum tunneling, just before a total breakdown/ionization of the medium during a HV discharge. This effect has been observed and applied by several 'free energy' inventors, for instance Moray's 'detector' tube showed this effect such that Moray could actually see that his valve (detector tube) was properly tuned.

The whole idea of free energy is this:  the natural presence of Phi waves stimulates the macroscopic quantum tunneling of many electrons at-once through an energy barrier. The only thing you have to do is this:  gather lots of electrons close to an energy barrier (by means of a HV capacitor/electrodes), and tune an attached electrical circuit at the dominant natural Phi wave frequency, which let the electrons tunnel through the barrier.

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