A Must Read: ”The End of the Fossil Fuel Age”
Date: Sunday, August 16, 2015 @ 22:48:47 EDT

by Ian Walker (via: Sifferkoll): Big Oil, Saudi Arabia, the merchant banks and markets all think fossil fuel has had its day, a bold statement, where is the evidence for it?

If you had been taking any notice you would have seen Big Oil have been selling of their Oil Fields and getting out of the oil field asset ownership market since September 2011.
Is what I am writing true?
Why would they believe the Fossil Fuel Age has ended?

It is basic due diligence to find out what the big players are doing. So do a Google search for any oil company name and the phrase ”Oil field” and the words divest or sell. You will see evidence like the following:

Shell has been on a massive divestment strategy on its oil field assets, from Africa to the Far East since September 2011, though as it was already tracking the Black Swan and has a department specifically tasked with watching this particular Black Swan develop, it knew before the others, it just speeded up its divestment of oil fields as the Black Swan became more visible.





They accelerated the sales of their oil fields as a certain report from the town of Lugano in Switzerland started doing the rounds in the scientific circles in June July of 2014, more about that later, let us keep on with presenting the researched evidence to support the thesis of this article.


Other Fossil Fuel companies have also been on a divestment strategy since September 2011 including:...

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