Airflow driven electrical generator for unlimited range EVs
Date: Friday, October 09, 2015 @ 23:51:39 GMT
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Years ago I've got this idea but I did not have the requisite high RPM generator for this system to be implemented in an electric vehicle with a Tesla Turbine. So, the generator needed to be compact with a high output power at a high RPM (around 20000RPM).

This year I've discovered the Halbach array motor/generator from the Raytheon division LaunchPoint Technology and just recently a week ago I've found this patent related to the use of a Tesla Turbine in combination with the requisite generator for charging the battery bank of an EV and this without the need to recharge the EV on a daily basis... Here's the related patent number GB2488394A which will solve the actual range limit for all actual electric vehicles on the market including all the Tesla Models.

You can post it to everyone, so it will be easy to contact the inventors for changing the current petrol-dollars Status Quo paradigm into something greater for every one and for the planet on which we are still living on !!!...

Wish sincerely that it will be affordable for everyone having an electric car or intending to get one.

Thanks in advance for posting this real Innovation !

Pierre St Martin

Abstract of  GB2488394

An airflow driven electrical generator incorporating a funnelled or coned particle collector (A) to augment turbulent airflow, convert it to laminar airflow (b) and direct it through a series of nozzles (E) to between a series of rotational shaft mounted disks of a Tesla turbine (I). The turbine is used to drive a high speed generator formed from a radial Halbach array of magnets (M). There may also be an air compressor (S) to provide a source of airflow when there is no wind and the inner surface of the particle collector may be volute shaped like a Fibonacci spiral. The rotor may also be mounted on magnetic bearings (G).

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