India: Tewari's Reactionless Generator Shows Promise
Date: Sunday, October 11, 2015 @ 15:07:22 GMT
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From Sepp Hasslberger site: Indian engineer Paramahamsa Tewari, who is not unknown to readers of this site, is experimenting with what he calls a Reaction Less Generator. Measurements taken by Tewari show that the generator is edging towards useful over unity production of electricity.

Ever since the discovery of electromagnetic induction by Faraday and the invention of electrical generators based on these principles, any efficiency higher than unity obtained from these machines has been ruled out due to the Law of Energy Conservation (LCE) and the Lenz's Law. But, through a new Reaction Less Generator (RLG), under development for some time, efficiency much higher than 100% has been achieved.

Tests are now being performed on a small Motor-RLG set which has a DC Motor coupled to an AC RLG. The test results show the graphs of input power to the drive motor and the output from the RLG.

The lowest line on this graph from (violet) shows the actual input to the RLG from the coupled motor with 0.8 efficiency. The next higher graph (green ) shows the input to RLG without taking motor efficiency into account. The highest graph (blue) shows the output from the RLG. Even at the moderate speed of 1750 r/m, at which the set is run, the ratio: Output from RLG / Input to RLG is 160% (from the lowest and the highest graphs). With extrapolation it can be shown that at 3000 r/m, the efficiency of the M-RLG set will reach 275 %.

Notes on the graph:

1. Power to electromagnets is not taken into account, as these can be replaced by permanent magnets.

2. Entire power produced in the armature circuits has been taken into account. When higher voltages are induced in each circuit, suitable load resistors can be placed in series with the shunt

3. Drive-Motor efficiency is 80%.

While the test results are encouraging, we aren't quite there yet. The research is still preliminary and useful over unity production of electricity, although seemingly within grasp, may still be off some time into the future. I hope to be able to report more news soon.

For now, development is in progress. Speed is being raised, says Tewari, and detailed tests are continuing. ...

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