Electric forces may bind nucleus
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 @ 19:43:24 EST
Topic: Science

Sepp Hasslberger writes: Statistical Analysis of Isotope Masses: Electric forces may bind nucleus

This is a research done in the late nineties until 2003 by theoretical physicist C Johnson. Analysis of the official NIST data of nuclear energies indicates that there is a possibility atomic nuclei may be held together by electric forces rather than the special nuclear forces that are postulated in the standard model. This data, if confirmed by other researchers, could lead to a re-thinking and simplification of particle physics. The troublesome weak and strong nuclear binding forces of current theory may well turn out to be superfluous.

We are hearing much about the electric nature of the Universe these days.

Galaxy clusters seem to be lined up in strings and networks, rather than randomly distributed as a merely gravity-based universe would indicate. There is also evidence of huge electric currents in space many of which connect stellar and galactic objects.

For more on the electric forces at work in the universe, you can check out the Thunderbolts Project youtube channel or, if you prefer a site, it is thunderbolts.info There are groups on Facebook: Electric Universe Theory and Electric Cosmology

Now THIS research potentially extends the electric concept of the universe to the level of particles. If confirmed, this would seem to simplify many things in particle physics...

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