Brilliant Light Power Demonstration, January 28th 2016
Date: Friday, February 05, 2016 @ 16:48:14 GMT
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On Thursday January 28th, Brilliant Light Power hosted an invitational public demonstration of its SunCell® technology. During the live demonstration Dr. Mills and his team of engineers successfully presented a working prototype SunCell® producing continuous high light power.

During the event Dr. Mills shared historical and current details about the design of the SunCell® and its operation.

The SunCell® is expected to be available for commercial use in 2017. Dr. Mills expects commercial units at volume to have a capital cost around $100 per kilowatt capacity. The units will use water as hydrogen fuel, resulting in an on-site, total generation cost of electricity of less than a cent per kilowatt-hour. The BrLP business plan promotes a leasing model for units under power purchase agreements. BrLP anticipates that SunCells® can be used to replace all power sources, such as stationary and motive sources.

Edmund Storms writes: I suggest everyone watch the video of the BLP demo, as Peter (EgoOut) suggests. 1)The much awaited Brilliant Power Light Power demo video:

Mills has clearly demonstrated a new and useful source of energy based on his explanation. His theory and his demonstration can also be used to explain how the Papp engine works.  Clearly, he has won the race for providing a source of clean energy for the future.

Unlike how LENR was advocated, Mills used his considerable smarts to develop a useful theory and then convinced wise investors to support his ideas. This approach was not used to advance LENR because no one could agree on how to proceed.  In addition, the explanations were too flawed to be useful in any case. Mills did it right.

In addition, unlike Rossi, he is making the information known to the world.  Anyone can test the idea and see the effect. In contrast, Rossi has kept his method to cause LENR secret. Mills is on the right track. We in LENR are now being left in the dust to quarrel among ourselves about what to do next.

Ed Storms

Doug Marker writes: Ed,

Thanks for your comments re this. To me the ramifications are highly significant.

Assuming Mill's hydrino theory now stacks up (backed up by his test data and results) then not only has Mills produced a new energy process, but has the potential to re-write Physics as we know it.  His assertion that Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is no longer uncertain, is as big a change to science as his SunCell power is to energy.

A lot of reputations might end up in the dust should Mills be able to show that electrons states are not uncertain but entirely predictable (mass etc: ). Not the least the entire schools of science and philosophy that have dined out on the   'many worlds' theories based on 100% acceptance of uncertainty. One big winner would be Einstein's standing by his belief that HUP was inadequate and QM incomplete. Mills appears to be demonstrating new technology based on his theories that look very valid.

A stunning video for those who are able to see beneath the surface.

Doug Marker

Edmund Storms writes: Hi Doug,

Thanks for sharing your agreement. Mills has been challenging conventional ideas just like science requires this be done. He writes clearly and then describes his results in detail.  His work can be and has been replicated. He is doing the job right.

QM is clearly incomplete and significantly distorted. Only a mathematician can make sense of what is claimed. As Andrew will agree, Dirac also challenged the conclusion of where the lower limit for the electron fell with respect to the nucleus. I do not think Heisenberg is the only problem.

Ed Storms

Brian Ahern writes: I disagree!  Mills showed nothing but a whiz bang show for the uninitiated.  NO PV data at all!  No calorimetry, just a dandy light show I another room with a camera that amplified the brightness.

Clearly demonstrated ?!!!  How could he be less clear? He provided no measurements of energy output or input. He prevented technical applicants from attending his OPEN demonstration.

It would be a shame if the dollars he gathers from this effort deprive Andrea Rossi of the same fortune...

(from an EgoOut comment): ... He relies on PV cells to capture the energy. Why not store the energy as hot water and then convert that source?

The answer is that would be too simple for him to carry out his long con. Godes and Rossi are working with oversized systems without showing any INDEPENDENT data on a laboratory scale.

A straightforward test would confirm the lack of energy production. Mills has proven nothing!

Axil writes (EgoOut comments): I am ecstatic that Ed Storms has become an R. Mills admirer. As one of the most competent researchers in these associated fields, Ed is ideally positioned in terms of equipment and expertise to verify the hydrino theory. Mills being constrained by the doctrinaire of this hydrino theory, Ed can go further than Mills in this line of experimentation by testing the ash produced by the Mills arc reaction for transmutation products. If Ed finds those products that will discredit the hydrino theory and place the experimentation and product development that Mills is doing into the LENR camp. I look forward to any Mills replications that Ed takes on.

Furthermore, there has been experimentation done using arc discharge through both carbon and tungsten electrodes and transmutation products were found in the ash in those experiments. I suspect that what Mills is doing is really related to a LENR process. There is also the vast experimental experience produced by Ken Shoulders to support transmutation in arc discharge which includes a patent application for transmutation using arc discharge to stabilize nuclear wastes.

Regarding the statement: "The purpose is to bring together two nuclei at low energy to fuse together as a single nucleus. A large amount of force is required which is generally obtained through plasma arc or accelerated high energy ions. But in case of LENR all the nuclear reaction occur at low energy thus saving excessive amount of energy required for activation."

I believe that the LENR reaction involves the decay of the proton through the catalytic reaction of a monopole magnetic field.

This is seen in the Holmlid experiments where Kaons are produced in the reaction. Any electric production in LENR requires Kaon production as a first stage of a subatomic particle decay chain that results in the production of one or more electrons as the final step in the chain.

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