Sir Richard Branson Crowns BLOOM TECHNOLOGIES Winner of Extreme Tech Challenge O
Date: Thursday, February 18, 2016 @ 01:40:21 EST
Topic: Investors

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XTC Finals - Necker Island, British Virgin Islands - The feverish race to Necker Island culminated with the long-awaited and highly anticipated announcement of the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2016 Winner. Congratulations to XTC 2016 Winner Bloom Technologies!

First Place Winner Bloom Technologies brings the latest in prenatal technology straight to the mother’s fingertips, simplifying the journey for expectant parents everywhere. By crowdsourcing the largest and most comprehensive dataset on prenatal health, Bloom Technologies has created a way to better predict and manage preterm birth. Bloom Technologies’ wearable smart device for mothers-to-be to wear during their third trimester helps the mother better understand how her body is preparing for labor and easily tracks the progression once labor has begun.

XTC 2016 champion Bloom Technologies was chosen with careful consideration during a rigorous voting process by a seasoned panel of investors, spearheaded by special guest judge Sir Richard Branson, who played host to the final round of competition at his Necker Island estate. A fierce competition to the very end, XTC mobilises world class entrepreneurs with products demonstrating emerging market acceptance to showcase their cutting-edge innovation. The contest is designed to provide winners with broader audience to gain new customers, valuable infrastructure to scale at low incremental cost, and exposure to a network of world class advisors to help them turn product success into business success...

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