Superconducting levitation thruster
Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 16:00:50 EDT
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Here's a link regarding the Superconducting levitation thruster of Dr. Athanassios Nassikas.

This crowdfunding campaign is an initiative from Dr. Paul A. Laviolette. For those who already knew his outstanding physics books series and his famous book 'Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion'.


Few technologies literally transform the world.  Examples include the invention of the wheel, the development of the automobile, or the creation of the internet.  If it works as the math appears to show, the Nassikas thruster-II (version 2) would be such a game changing technology. 

This superconducting thruster was invented by Dr. Athanassios Nassikas, a professor formally with the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly, Greece (recently retired).  Early in 2015 professor Nassikas filed a patent application on his idea and the next step is to construct and test a proof of concept of this thruster, and this is where we need your Indiegogo crowd funding help. 

Calculations indicate that the test thruster we intend to build should develop a thrust about 13.6 times the thruster's own weight.  In other words, a group of these thrusters could easily lift a vehicle off the ground.  This thrust-to-weight ratio is about 9 times that of the Space Shuttle main engine!  A more practical production version should be capable of generating thrusts even 20 times greater at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

The Nassikas thruster-II technology, could make the following possible:

•Cars that could take off vertically and fly through the air.
•Cruise ships that could levitate as in the movie The Fifth Element. 
•Space shuttles that could lift off the Earth without the help of rockets.
•Interplanetary shuttles that could fly to Mars in 5 days, not 9 months as NASA currently has in mind.
•Manned space ships that could attain near light speed velocities and travel to the nearest star system (e.g., Proxima Centauri) in 4.5 years, instead of 20,000 years.
•Thrusters that could produce shaft torque to generate pollution-free electricity.
•A scooter that could not only move forward, but hover and fly above the ground.
•A "hoverboard" something like that depicted in the sci fi movie Back to the Future  which the movie predicted would be in common circulation in 2015. 

This technology would be essentially pollution less, requiring only the production of a small quantity of liquid nitrogen or liquid helium to make it work.  Hence its carbon footprint would be virtually insignificant compared to the petrol guzzling technologies that are currently in use.

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