Letter to JLN Laboratories
Date: Friday, June 20, 2003 @ 02:03:16 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

Dear Dr Naudin,

I am interested in your replication of the motionless electromagnetic generator, and refer you to the AIAS website www.aias.us for information on papers by the AIAS author group and myself relevant to the problem of extracting electromagnetic energy from spacetime.

My latest paper on this website shows that the source of such energy in general relativity is curvature R, and in the previous two papers (Found Phys Lett just published and in press) I develop new field and wave equations for grand unified field theory of all four fields.Your website provides many details of the replication, photographs, graphical data and so on, and so I assume that a satisfactory replication of the patented MEG has occurred in your laboratory. Evidently, sufficient details are available for replication by engineers.

Therefore the MEG appears to be reproducible and repeatable, and our work at AIAS explains the device in terms of general relativity. There is no violation of Noether's Theorem, electromagnetic energy from spacetime is available whenever there is curvature R and charge -e (regarded as a fundamental constant, the charge on the electron). There is no "point charge" in general relativity, the source of charge current density is R, and -e is a scalar C negative scaling constant.

The next stage is development and commercialization, and we at AIAS are setting up a company, one of whose aims would be commercialization of devices to extract electromagnetic energy from spacetime. I believe that Prof. Taishi Kurata's group is already pursuing development of devices similar to the MEG.

We at AIAS would be pleased to work with your company and Magnetic Energy Ltd. to develop the MEG commercially before the oil crisis really hits hard. Prof. Kurata has already indicated his interest in working with AIAS, and I have invited him to the Board of Directors of AIAS.


Myron W. Evans
(AIAS Director and Board Chairman).

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