Whatever happened to Nitinol?
Date: Sunday, August 21, 2016 @ 22:24:07 EDT

Why do we not hear anything about this 'miracle' metal?   Why is it not being used for energy generation?    Take a look at the following video from the 1970s:


This video proves that not only does this amazing metal exist, but even then, when it was first discovered, it was being applied for energy generation!  WHY is it not being used now and why do we not see it everywhere?

I see no excuse for us not to be using this.   I can see the excuses coming, such as 'there is not enough torque from this metal to allow energy generation - the rpms are too low.'   Ridiculous excuses of that nature are obviously incoming, but they won't be believable because all you have to do to add more torque and rpms is add more nitinol.   This can be scaled up indefinitely.

So why aren't we using it?

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