5 Scientific Myths You Probably Believe About The Universe
Date: Tuesday, December 20, 2016 @ 17:27:02 GMT
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by Ethan Siegel, Contributor Forbes.com: The Universe is a vast, mysterious place, encompassing everything we've ever known, observed or could ever hope to come into contact with. For millennia, a look up at the sky -- our window into the cosmos beyond our world -- was met with wonder, awe, and a fascination with the unknown. Thanks to all the scientific advances made by civilizations across the globe, we now know that the points of light in the sky are stars, found grouped together in galaxies, which cluster together on the largest scales, in a Universe that began with our Big Bang a finite amount of time ago: 13.8 billion years. Yet knowing that doesn't mean we know everything. In fact, knowing some physics opens the door for some really large misconceptions, some of which afflict even professional scientists. They include...

1.) If the Universe is 13.8 billion years old, then we shouldn't be able to see objects 46 billion light years away.

2.) Nobody knows how gravity really, fundamentally works.
3.) The Big Bang was the birth of space and time.
4.) Space, time and gravity could all just be illusions.
5.) It's all just a theory, anyway.

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