The John Searl Story- Searl Effect Generator (video)
Date: Thursday, January 19, 2017 @ 23:13:43 GMT
Topic: Devices

Short documentary about the SEG; Searl Effect Generator, free energy technology. SEG can also produces an antigravity effect.

Some people falsely claim that the SEG, if it really would function as claimed, would break the Laws of Physics and so it's a hoax, but SEG is NOT an ISOLATED SYSTEM, but extracts the energy from the Ether (Zero Point Radiation), meaning SEG does not consume the materials in it at all, so do not break the known laws of physics, not even the theory.

Video link:

There are many other videos about the SEG on YouTube, among them worth watching: Professor John Searl Interview with Richard Syrett - Jan. 2015:

Interesting comment: dreamwalker12: Watch Nassim Harameins video about the Schwarzchild Proton. He has proven mathematically that there is enough energy in a square centimeter of vacuum (space) to fuel a major city for a thousand years. Harnessing this energy is the problem. So, many of these generators probably do work. Do not be fooled by the nay sayers. There are people who are hired "trolls" to scan the internet for anything that would free us mentally, spiritually or physically. They then ridicule, harass and even threaten those who would support these new ideas. People who use profanity, personal attacks and cruelly ridicule those who are supportive are often these trolls. After awhile you get so you can spot them right away.

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