The Etheric Origins of Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism
Date: Thursday, February 09, 2017 @ 17:56:10 EST

From Notes: There is a beautiful unity underlying gravity, electricity, and magnetism. This unity may be expressed mathematically, but here it will be shown visually because doing so allows a quicker and more direct understanding of the geometric reality often obscured by mathematical abstraction.

These diagrams show how electric, magnetic, gravitational, and potential fields all arise from various kinds of distortions in a single field called the scalar superpotential. This field is also know as the ether, or the medium in which everything physical exists.

The term “scalar” just means that each coordinate in the field is associated with a single measurement value. The way this value varies over space and time determines what kind of secondary field arises from the superpotential. The unit of measurement is the Weber, which is a unit of pure magnetic flux.

In these diagrams, each circle represents a particular value of superpotential. Circles of different sizes indicate different superpotential values. Circles made of dashed lines signify superpotential values that vary over time.

Scalar Superpotential

First we have a uniform superpotential field:

All the circles are the same size. Each coordinate in space has the same magnetic flux value. There is no electric, gravitational, or magnetic force field, just a uniform ether.

Magnetic Vector Potential

The simplest distortion is a gradient, where the superpotential increases or decreases over some distance:

This gradient gives rise to the magnetic vector potential. We have no direct experience with the vector potential because unlike gravity, electricity, or magnetism it generates no forces in its undistorted form. But it exists nonetheless and can be measured with special instruments that operate through quantum mechanical principles. James Clerk Maxwell, the originator of electromagnetic theory, said the vector potential was the most important and fundamental field of electromagnetism and likened it to etheric momentum.

Magnetic Field

The magnetic force field only arises once the vector potential distorts in a circulatory manner:


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