The big picture – The LENR Revolution and Peter Gluck’s Elephant
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 @ 13:24:57 EDT
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From The NewFire blog: ... LENR – The Revolution and the big picture

... Peter Gluck an important protagonist of LENR movement wrote in his blog regarding the perception of LENR as technology by the scientific community and the general public, about the parable form the blind men and the elephant.

Blindness stands in the parable as a synonym for the inability to see the whole, the elephant is the reality or the truth. History shows that the reality, depending on which perspective you have, can be understood very differently.

Peter Gluck wrote with reference to the parable and the subject LENR: “Nobody, no person no institution, no society no anything else is concerned and focused on, seriously professionally on the Whole LENR, the Biggest Picture.”

I want to contradict Peters assessment. Of course there are people, visionaries, who are able to imagine and postulate the importance and the future scope of an innovation of the size of LENR, or better, (for to remain in the parable), able to see the whole elephant, understand it and able to describe it. However, these few people always move within a society of ‘blind people’, or ‘people in the dark’, which can, if at all, then only grasp parts of the elephant.

It is a tragedy of human nature that even if someone is able to provide an explanation of the elephant for these people, they cannot accept this finding, because it contradicts (with few exceptions) their nature and in particular the nature of decision-makers. They refuse to recognize something that is outside of their own cognition horizon and therefore take it into account in their decision making. Aristarchus of Samos, a Greek astronomer and mathematician who was one of the first people who postulated around 250 v. Chr, on the basis of his own findings, the heliocentric worldview, did not succeed with his ideas and even today thousands of years later, and despite the writings and findings of subsequent visionaries such as Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein are there still Kreatonisten and other of moderate means out there, which completely deny all scientific knowledge.

It should be noted as a conclusion: we all live only in a world of apparent absolute truth, because even if the scientific research has opened wide the knowledge horizon of the few who are able to see the whole elephant, so is the recognition, or the realization of the existence of the elephant, only a partial truth, relatively, individually and subjectively. For example questions like, ‘what is inside the elephant’, ‘where is the elephant’, ‘where does the elephant came from’, or even ‘is there an elephant at all’, cannot be explained by the pure fact of being able to see or touch the elephant...

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Please join me in wishing my good old friend Peter a speedy and complete recovery from the health issues he's currently experiencing. There are not many Truth Seekers (or better said Crusaders of Truth) actively fighting out there, and we need each and every one of them to help change the "Business-as-Usual" doomsday scenario our greed driven civilization is facing. ~ Vlad

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