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Date: Friday, June 30, 2017 @ 11:33:30 EDT
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From NextBigFuture.com: EMdrive inventor Shawyer’s latest information on military applications and superconducting EMDrive progress by Brian Wang

Roger Shawyer, SPR Ltd, invented the EMdrive and recently gave an EMdrive presentation to the UK Defence Academy Shrivenham.

EmDrive is the first true Propellantless Propulsion technology.

High frequency electrical energy is directly converted to thrust.

It is a resonant microwave cavity, shaped to obtain different group velocities at each end, and thus achieve a force difference as the EM wave reflects off each end plate.

EmDrive is not a reactionless thruster, it is simply a new class of electrical machine.

Conventional microwave technology limits the maximum Q of resonators to around 50,000, giving a specific thrust of 200 mN/kW at 3 km/s. This technology will be utilised in first generation engines where typical applications will be the orbital transfer and orbit maintenance of communication satellites and the primary propulsion for science missions.

Classic Physics can answer all questions about EmDrive
How is Momentum Conserved? EmDrive obeys Newton’s Laws
How is force produced? Radiation Pressure. Maxwell.
Why are the end plate forces different? Different group velocities due to different diameters. Cullen 1952
How is the force multiplied? EmDrive is a Resonant cavity with a multiplication factor Q. Bailey 1955
Why is EmDrive an Open System? Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity
Why are there no side wall forces? Thrust due to travelling waves not standing waves.
How is energy conserved? EmDrive is an electrical machine.
What limits thrust in high Q thrusters? Internal Doppler shift.
How is thrust calculated? Thrust equation.
How is thrust measured? With great care...

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