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Date: Thursday, June 26, 2003 @ 00:21:49 GMT
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The latest IRI "Future Energy e-News" is in. Quotes from it:

"...Ten labor unions, including the steelworkers and auto workers, urged presidential candidates yesterday to back a 10-year, $300 billion research plan that would promote energy efficiency, reduce dependence on foreign oil and preserve manufacturing jobs..."

"...The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is one several US government agencies pushing for nuclear waste to be dispersed, unregulated, into everyday commerce. NRC is now seeking public comment on the uses and disposition of nuclear waste and the dose level the public will accept from deregulated nuclear wastes..."

"...Among the deletions were conclusions about the likely human contribution to warming from a 2001 report on climate by the National Research Council that the White House had commissioned and that President Bush had endorsed in speeches that year. White House officials also deleted a reference to a 1999 study showing that global temperatures had risen sharply in the previous decade compared with the last 1,000 years. In its place, administration officials added a reference to a new study, partly financed by the American Petroleum Institute, questioning that conclusion. In the end, E.P.A. staff members, after discussions with administration officials, said they decided to delete the entire discussion to avoid criticism that they were selectively filtering science to suit policy."

"...A practical guide on how to migrate yourself off the grid! This and other stories such as Braxton Reaction Cyclotron, Caution Urged on Free Energy Investments, Plasma Power Generation, Tesla Engineering, and more available in the latest issue of Extraordinary Technology http://www.teslatech.info. The magazine has been steadily improving over the past few issues. This one coming up will also be worth reading. Just thought you should know. (Tesla Tech will be exhibiting at our November IRI Tesla conference as well. -TV) "

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