Free Energy Party - Underground Manufacturing
Date: Sunday, August 06, 2017 @ 16:17:48 GMT
Topic: Legal

From (Dave Parker): Allow us to introduce...Underground Manufacturing! It is time to stop feeling picked on! Monopolies can be expected to restrain free trade and suppress breakthroughs that threaten their market share The answer is not to give up in advance or be a naive inventor who wants to get famous or rich. Instead, be an inventor who wants to slip the technology onto the market in a surprise fashion, or like we recommend....with Underground Manufacturing. We too often have a victim mentality and we too often say, "THEY won't let us have it". One example is seen when people want marijuana. They don't let the monopolies stop them from getting some. Since there is a demand for it manufacturing and distribution is all underground yet pot sales is said to be as high as cell phone sales! Why should Free Energy be any different? When monopolies illegally take over the free market and drive us toward world destruction it is obviously time for Underground Manufacturing and distribution of Free Energy, Cures, and Organic Permaculture! Stop saying, "They won't let us do it!"

ATTENTION! Free Energy Inventors! We Created A Way To Protect YOU and YOUR invention by using THE MACHINE AGAINST THE MACHINE! You make a prototype. We demonstrate it on stage. We protect your identity by assigning a patent pending for Free! You don't really want a "Patent Granted" which allows examination. The "IP" Intellectual Property (new design) can legally remain a secret in "Patent Pending". We have a legal way to extend this process for a long time. The next step is to "Assign" this "Patent Pending" number to a Nevada Corporation where the stockholders can legally remain a secret. THIS WAY INVESTORS CAN REMAIN SECRET! You hold a majority of the stock secretly, legally as well. You declare that you accepted an undisclosed amount of money to assign the technology to "xyz" corporation. Now when we demonstrate it, if someone wants to invest in it, it pays for your lab and manufacturing. You can boldly come on stage, if you wish, as the original inventor who now no longer owns the technology, removing you from the legal or ownership loop in any investigation. This also protects you from lawsuits which is another way to stop a technology. Using the "Machine against the Machine", we can completely protect you and your invention, demonstrate it openly and raise money for "Proprietary (Underground) Manufacturing and Distribution".
Dave Parker: We will use the machine against the machine. We have a legal structure that forces all investigators and harmful people to go back to their bosses and drop a manilla folder on the desk and say...the inventor is legally out of the loop...he assigned his IP over to a corporation and the stockholders are legally a secret in this particular state's corporations. They will answer back and say...dont worry about it...we won't let them sell them. Then they will later call the investigator again and say, "it appears they are selling them!" Come back to work and find out who they are. Raid their manufacturing with an injunction, sue them falsely for fraud, send in the Fire department and the Sheriff on false safety claims. Do like the FDA raiding raw milk and confiscate all their merchandise, charge them with false IRS and false SEC charges! Then the investigator will go back and wont believe this...they are being sold like people sell Marijuana...underground...we don't know who is doing it.
Does the FEP, a legal political party recommend Underground-Proprietary-Confidential Manufacturing?
...Absolutely! ...and we are prepared to defend it legally as an All American way to present quality of life-World Improvement technology to the public, and we are, in fact, going to sue the monopolies for collusion and racketeering and RESTRAINT OF TRADE! Sherman and Clayton Act lawsuits "ain't nothin". The Rico Act will break their cahones!

[Vlad] Looking forward for comments (from knowledgeable people) on the feasibility of this idea (as well as potential of hidden traps for the inventor/investor). Thx. V

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