Symmetric Electric Systems and the Energetic Exchange with the Quantum-Vacuum
Date: Wednesday, October 04, 2017 @ 17:24:47 EDT
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For those who haven't seen yet this excellent animation and explanation: The documentary film “Symmetric Electric Systems and the Energetic Exchange with the Quantum-Vacuum” explains the interaction between the energy within the quantum-vacuum and the energy flow in an electric circuit. The animated film investigates following questions: Which role do the broken symmetries play in electric systems?
  1. What has the quantum-vacuum to do with electricity?
  2. How does an electric field emerge and how does it proceed through space?
  3. How is a force assigned?
  4. What is the input energy used for?
  5. Where does the energy from the output come from?
  6. Why are the observable energies conserved?
  7. What is energy?

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Comment: Dr. Gustav Hans Weber, Physicist, December 2010

Since the discovery of the el ectron and the completion of Maxwell's equation's into the today accepted form, physicists agree, that the electron is a stable particle with negative charge and spin 1/2 , corresponding magneton (Bohr) and a mass of about half a per mill of the proton mass. It interacts with the electric and magnetic field in a way, that was proposed by Maxwell and Lorentz. Also Dirac did not change anything substantially about this electron model. He basically added the relativistic increase in mass. Therefore the electron remains a passive particle, that can never generate more work, then was invested by the field.

The film „Symmetric Electric Systems and the Energetic Exchange with the Quantum-Vacuum“ made by Marcus Reid shows a very different picture. The interaction of the electron with the quantum vacuum by a broken symmetry does not appear in the classic model, but was proposed by Carlo Rubia since his discovery of the w- and z- particle 1982, that shows how the electron interacts with the electroweak force via the quantum vacuum. If the quantum vacuum is symmetric nothing new happens, everything stays as we know it. But as soon as it get´s asymmetric due to an electric dipole, then the electron receives a force coming from the quantum vacuum. Reid shows this in an impressive way by presenting the electrons as sail boats and the virtual photons as a wind (I prefer to call it „space-wind“). He has made clear how the electron receives electric energy from the quantum vacuum.

Reid´s recipe how to gain energy from the quantum vacuum.

One creates a dipole, thereby generates a space-wind, which is also called vector potential or space-quanta-current, that will push the electrons like sail boats through the circuit and enables them to create work in a light bulb. Central part is, that the dipole has to remain intact, it may not be destroyed. In electrochemistry this dipole get´s destroyed and that is the reason why it must be recreated by redox reaction, whereby the energy gained from the quantum vacuum is given back to that domain.

Marcus Reid has not only shown this in the film, he has also realized a method for the permanent extraction of energy from the quantum vacuum with the Crystal Cell. This development deserves general recognition and advancement.

Kudos to you Marcus!

Freienstein, 14. December 2010, Dr. Gustav Hans Weber, ARCMIRA Group

Comment, Dr. Thomas Bearden, Huntsville AL, USA, October 2009

Hi Marcus,

I received the DVD today and watched it, and -- simply put -- was ecstatic over it!

That is tremendous animation, and that is exactly what is needed to get the message across! I'm delighted that you stressed the asymmetry of the dipole, and that the only reason the energy flow from the battery dipole (extracted from the vacuum) ceases is that the closed surface is responsible for destroying the dipole.

My congratulations on a truly superb job! Those animators were and are marvelous! And that message, illustrated that way, is very much needed in this old power-hungry world.

J. P. Morgan elicited Lorentz in 1892 to arbitrarily symmetrize the Heaviside vector equations, thus tossing out all the asymmetric Maxwellian systems. This was just before the birth of electrical engineering itself, so from the beginning, our EEs have always been educated to design and build only SYMMETRICAL (source dipole destroying) circuits and systems!

Yet Maxwell's actual theory -- some 20 quaternion-like equations in 20 unknowns -- contain many asymmetric systems as well as the modern EE symmetrical systems (i.e., self-symmetrizing systems).

Hopefully your noble effort will greatly aid in getting the point across, so that someday we get the horribly mutilated EE theory and model replaced with a higher group symmetry EE model and theory -- such as quaternion electrodynamics.

Very best wishes,

Comment: Eckhard Kantz, Engineer for Power Engineering, December 2010

The film „Symmetric Electric Systems and the Energetic Exchange with the Quantum Vacuum“ is outstanding.

Since a long time physicists agree, that energy is primarily transmitted via virtual particles, meaning from particles that cannot be seen such as the w-particle, that interacts for example with electrons. Marcus Reid has shown in an excellent way how the „non observable“ or virtual domain influences the observable world.

An alternative view assumes a higher dimensional energy domain, that is usually in balance with the common energy that is contained in our four dimensional space-time. The energy exchange between this higher dimensional energy domain and our observable space-time is usually in balance or in symmetry, meaning that the inflow and outflow of energy in relation to this higher dimensional energy domain is in its summation zero.

But what would happen if this balance or symmetry gets distorted? The film answers this question in a persuasive way. Energy can indeed be extracted from the quantum vacuum permanently as long as the „door“ (broken symmetry) is held open. Unfortunately all today existing energy systems just let this door close due to a „Self-symmetrizing“ behaviour, that exists in all systems.

I highly recommend this film to everyone who wants to know about the basic principal of tomorrows energy technologies.

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