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Date: Saturday, December 02, 2017 @ 11:33:13 EST
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Tony Craddock writes: One of the greatest unsung physics theoreticians and pioneers of our lifetime is Tom Bearden, and we continually field questions as to how he is, and what is he doing currently?

Tom will be 87 in December, and, due to declining health, he has now retired from being active in the free energy field.  Instead he stays close to home in Huntsville, Alabama, where he is well cared for by family and friends.

As we approach the Holiday Season, you may be interested to know that we have a limited number of his seminal book "Energy from the Vacuum" that are personally signed by Tom.  The unsigned book has been a worldwide best seller, and is now in its Third Printing, and the Signature Edition is Limited and a Collector's Item, likely to do nothing but appreciate in value as the years pass.

What better gift is there to give to someone you know who has a scientific curiosity, and who wonders what viable alternative there is to fossil fuels?  Energy from the Vacuum is inexhaustible, and has been around for billions of years.  Not only do part of the book proceeds go to Tom, which help defray medical expenses, but it also helps defray the expenses of the Energy from the Vacuum volunteers who help keep the store's doors open, so to speak, so that we can continue to service world wide interest in Tom's Books and DVDs.

These are all provided as hard copies, so that they will always serve as reference material, and never get accidentally, or deliberately, erased from a hard drive like a downloaded or streamed product.

You are also encouraged to make a Donation to the Cheniere Store for the same reasons.

The Signature Edition book "Energy from the Vacuum" can be purchased at:

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