Schrödinger: life feeds on negative entropy
Date: Thursday, December 28, 2017 @ 12:53:23 EST
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Andrew Michrowski (PACE) writes: Please also view the various links for articulation of negentropy. Note also effects of radiofrequency on negative entropy of "charging" of water.

From: Association of Unconventional Science
Subject: Schrödinger: life feeds on negative entropy

… a living organism continually increases its entropy — or, as you may say, produces positive entropy — and thus tends to approach the dangerous state of maximum entropy, which is of death. It can only keep aloof from it, i.e. alive, by continually drawing from its environment negative entropy. What an organism feeds upon is negative entropy... the essential thing in metabolism is that the organism succeeds in freeing itself from all the entropy it cannot help producing while alive [Erwin Schrödinger, “What is Life?”]

Studies on the distant transmission of negentropy - as a physical phenomenon - began in the 1960s in the USSR (Kozyrev, Danchenko), China (Zheng Qian, Fan Shuduo), Norway (Johansen), Switzerland (von Stockar, Liu) and other countries, even NASA uses negentropy to define the life on Mars. Experiments show that negentropy contributes to stationarity of molecular, and probably, nuclear processes, related to releasing energy. It stimulates the metabolism of  biological organisms especially on their aging or regeneration stages. In 2018 newsletters we will see a lot of messages reated to experiments with negentropy.

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Distant (~10mm) impact of negentropy (secondary objects "charged" at the source of negentropy) on the EIS dynamics of pure water at low-frequencies.

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