The Physical Essence of Straight Line Motion in the Universal Matrix
Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2018 @ 08:00:17 GMT
Topic: Science

While many scientists accept the idea that space is actually a physical structure which contains stored energy and acts as the medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves, they are nevertheless aware that this idea creates the problem that any pre-set structure, such as for example a cubic lattice or a hexagonal close packed arrangement, will cause a severe obstacle to the motion of planetary bodies or indeed to any motion at all. Another important objection to a pre-set structure is that it would allow straight line motion to be defined, hence denying the structure any role in the physical cause of uniform straight line motion.

It is essential therefore that the structure is not pre-set but rather that it is an alignment determined in the vicinity of moving bodies by the motion of the body itself through interaction with the structure. It is also essential that the motionally induced structural alignment should explain inertial effects such as centrifugal force. Since Maxwell showed the magnetic field around a current to be a centrifugal force field, it is now suggested that the inertial field which determines the structural alignment in space around a moving body, is in fact just a variation on the same theme as a magnetic field. See the article “Straight Line Motion”,

Frederick David Tombe

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