Disruptive Technologies Go Black
Date: Monday, October 01, 2018 @ 19:44:29 GMT
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From the EnergyFromTheVacuum (Anthony Craddock): "Energy from the Vacuum" - new DVD release: Part 43 - DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES GO BLACK and THE PROJECT SILVERBUG ZERO-FUEL ENGINE DVD COLLECTION

Had 23 year old Daniel Izzard not taken it upon himself to film Iuean Thomas and put together a documentary that subsequently aired on Canadian Television, the world would never have known that a self powering free energy device had been invented and commercially tested  in Toronto, and that this Zero Fuel Engine was intended to power the anti-gravity saucers that were being built in secret at the AVRO  aircraft factory after the end of World War II.  So successful was this motor invented by Iuean Thomas' Designex team  that their emissary had met with U.S. President John F. Kennedy to  discuss it, and President Kennedy had arranged to visit their  Designex plant in December 1963, or later in January 1964.  President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas November 1963. 

Amazingly the whole Zero Fuel Motor and Project Silverbug story continues to be completely ignored by the mainstream media and the  UFO subculture.  Without Daniel Izzard there would have been no video record of how it all came about, and, more importantly, no independent corroboration of these fantastic events, as he was the one who filmed Iuean Thomas. 

The Project Silverbug DVD collection filmed by Energetic Productions  Inc. is the only place you will find the comprehensive story of how  the post World War II covert military industrial complex was seeded  by U.S., U.K., and Nazi scientists. And it took place in Toronto,  Canada, far from prying eyes.

This new DVD and the Silverbug Collection can be purchased at  https://tinyurl.com/y7byzhh4.  The YouTube trailer for the DVD is also linked to this page.  

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