The Presence of Latent Potential Energy in Space is Exposed by Geometry Alone
Date: Wednesday, January 08, 2020 @ 18:36:30 GMT
Topic: Science

One would never expect that the physical structure of what is commonly believed to be totally empty vacuum space, and the issue of whether or not it stores a large amount of potential energy, could be ascertained simply by considering a uniform straight-line motion.

If we express the motion in polar coordinates relative to any arbitrarily chosen origin, the form of the transverse acceleration terms displays an uncanny resemblance to the terms in electromagnetic induction. We can choose to believe that this is just a meaningless coincidence. But we can also choose to believe that this is telling us that inertial motion and the inertial forces have a physical cause that is closely related to the forces of electromagnetic induction. The electromagnetic induction forces themselves are rooted in the magnetic field that pervades all of space, yet whose physical origins are unknown to the textbooks. It’s ironic that despite the fact space is known to contain gravitational and magnetic field lines, whose cause is not understood, that physicists are nevertheless adamant that space is totally empty, and that light waves propagate in this void without the need for any material substance to account for the vibrations.

This article on straight line motion demonstrates how a sea of tiny aethereal vortices pressing against each other with centrifugal force while striving to dilate, can lead to vortex rings forming around any moving object, whether particulate or an electric current. This pattern is a magnetic field, and the tendency of these vortices to dilate is indicative of a latent stored energy throughout all of space.

This further article on Pythagoras’s theorem draws attention to the cylindrical symmetry that is common to both inertial motion and electromagnetism.'s_Theorem_and_Special_Relativity


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