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Date: Wednesday, May 05, 2021 @ 22:02:37 GMT
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Hydrino Validation: ResearchSquare Paper

Also: Boston Roadshow SunCell Demonstration Moved to May 19-20 Due to COVID

I found the comments from the user "Cashmemorz" on the very interesting and informative. Here is one:

What too many seem to be missing, about this subject of the Suncell and Brilliant Light and Power is, that is really about how academic quantum mechanics has gone very, very far off the tracks, since the time of Huygens in the 1600's.

This is now all about the chickens starting to come home to roost, to lay stinky eggs. The stinky part is about how inaccurate academic physics has become. This inaccuracy has come out recently as found in properties of Muon properties that, when analyzed are found to be not lining up with what theory, Standard Quantum Mechanics, says they should be; the way the Higgs Boson, a particle that was imagined, ended up being shoe horned into being accepted as the cause of mass; the religious base for the Big Bang to try and make physics line up with the religious dogma belief that what exists, had to be created and/or have a beginning point; and many other inaccuracies used as if an accurate way to depict reality. This goes against physics, as being taught everywhere, as being as accurate as it is purported, to be worth anything outside of an academic exercise. Maybe that is why it is called theoretical, where anything goes.

That is the cause of currently taught SQM being so weird; is is because of the assumptions, mostly waves, on which SQM is based, since the 1600. Those who have worked in transistors, know that SQM is not even required to make such devices. Carver Meade, the most prolific inventor and manufacturer of transistors and similar devices, is a prime witness to this. He made a formal proposal that SQM be revamped to remove those waves from the theory. He also made the very pertinent remark that SQM will be laughed at, in 100 years.

It is the waves that are making q-bits so hard to make. Q-bits cannot exist because the waves that are supposed to make them possible, do not, themselves exit but, are only artifacts that are taken to be real entities. You cannot use an illusion to make something real. It is the waves that are the cause behind almost all of the problems encountered, when using SQM to try to do anything practical.

Haus, Mills and Evaco LLC, never had that much trouble in using the Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics in guiding the development of the five items they made. The ease with which all those items were made to work, is due to not having any assumed or illusory features in the theory used, to guide the development of those items.

The waves found at the quantum scale are only the wavy path described by the circular charge currents of photons as they rotate and propagate through space, time-wise. That makes waves at the quantum scales an artifact. That explains how it is, when using a wavy path as if a particle, can only end in producing results that themselves are too weird to be understood or to be used to produce anything practical.

That is also true of waves found at the macro scales. Waves as observed at all instances, everywhere, are formed by several deeper mechanisms. The artifact of waves, when observed at the macros scales, were what was used by Huygens as a proposal for what might explain the far field pattern in the 2 slit experiment. At a first iteration for an explanation, that might seem to work but only to a first and very rough approximation. All further refinements, arrived at by adding uncertainty is an attempt towards a more accurate model that wave mechanism, but does not end up with a more accurate approximation but, to something with ever more problems, requiring ever more iterations of refinements that, to work require ever more weird looking additions that still do not end up being any more accurate but, just lead to more problems. That is contrary to what is expected when further improvements are supposed to end in a more accurately working mechanism or explanation. Instead the resulting theory ends up being so difficult to handle that what seems to work is only pure math that itself is evermore complex and difficult to understand. And all that with no results that can be used to develop anything practical, whatsoever.

Haus corrected that way of thinking in 1986 when he derived his newer version of the non-radiation condition, applied it to derive the electron in the same way that Mills did in 1988, further checked by Farrell in 1990 and eventually used by Mills in 2000, then in 2010, and by Evaco LLC in 2016, to guide the development of their separate versions of five different items. And with no weirdness and other kinds of hard to handle difficulties. Now that is physics at work, with real world results, every single time.

When a theory, here GUT-CP having no waves is used, there is no weirdness as is caused by using uncertainty, and no possibility of making anything like Q-bits, just as what is found to be the case when q-bits are attempted to be made, by at least 10 different methods. After the second or third such attempt, one would think that one would realize where the problem was, not in the q-bits but, the theory used.

After the 10th such attempt that can now be seen as doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different. That is the definition of insanity, which is exactly where SQM has gone.

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