New Year 2022
Date: Saturday, January 01, 2022 @ 18:50:21 GMT
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Anthony Craddock writes: Happy New Year 2022 from the Energetic Productions Team!

Just a brief note to wish all our loyal supporters, followers, interested parties and researchers a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2022.

We have taken advantage of the downtime to clean up and add to some of our website postings on The Tom Bearden Website and Energy from the Vacuum Website.
In particular, we have been enhancing some of the public material posted about Howard Johnson and Magnetism.

By way of explanation and apology,  around this point in time we were shooting about one movie every three months, so some of the website announcements of new DVD releases were somewhat Spartan, and akin just to placeholders.

However, we have added to the “Secret World of Magnets” page on The Tom Bearden Website at and included a downloadable video of the Faraday Motor, powered by magnetic spins and unexplainable by standard magnetic theory as currently taught. In fact John Bedini does explain exactly what is going on in our DVD#12 -

Also, we have added some additional explanations to our DVD page for DVD#11 – Magnetic Gates. In particular we have articulated John Bedini’s explanation from the DVD as to how his early experimentation with the Hamel Spinner led him to understand Howard Johnson’s thought processes and methodology.

Pat and I re-watched Disc 11 over the holidays and were both blown away by the genius of the Bedini explanation of how Magnetism can actually be put to work, and just by his overall analytical capabilities.  A true genius and sadly missed.

We also added some photos of the original UKACO machine on our DVD page about the Bio-Harmonics Machine:

At the bottom of the page we included some bibliography as to what led John Cejka to want to increase crop yields by enhancing their environment with the invention and subsequent rental of Bio Harmonics Machines to Iowa farmers. Finally, ‘tis the Season, again here is John Bedini’s spice mix for this time of the year.

12 portions Cinnamon
1 portion Turmeric
1 portion Cloves
2 portions Ginger

We choose to sprinkle it over our cereal or mix it into our morning tea.

And further good news for those of you who pre-ordered our new Tom Bearden book Glossary, we received our first batch of book stock and began shipping them out today!  We will have our full stock mid-January for any new orders placed. 

Tony Craddock

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