Extracting Zero Point Energy: Does it Violate the Second Law?
Date: Sunday, March 06, 2022 @ 15:45:56 GMT
Topic: Science

Via e-catworld: Video: “Extracting Zero Point Energy: Does it Violate the Second Law?” (Garret Moddel Reports Working ZPE Devices)

Here is a video of a presentation by Garret Moddel of the University of Colorado at Boulder. He was speaking at an online conference hosted by The UnLAB held Jan 18-22, 2022. The full meeting and talks can be accessed here:


Some of the key points and quotes from the video: He asks how much energy is available from the zero point energy field, and based on theoretical calculations based on Planck’s constant he says that the current which is available from the photon flux of the background electromagnetic field is 1.7 GA (giga amps) per square meter.

Two major problems when it comes to extracting this energy:

1. This background energy is the universal ground state: “We can’t induce a flow by having a change in its density because it’s the same everywhere”.

2. The fluctuations in this ZPE are field are very short-lived.

He asks: Can we modify the ground state? And he answers, yes we can – with the Casimir cavity.

He also says that energy may be ‘borrowed’ from the vacuum.

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