On Self Sustaining Electromagnetic Structures
Date: Sunday, June 05, 2022 @ 18:12:58 GMT
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Very interesting postings (and comments) from the e-catworld.com LENR site. In the latest videos, Bob Greenyer (of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project) talks about his MagnetoToroElectric Clusters (MTEC) in light of a recently discovered classified research paper (from the  former Soviet-era).

In the post "O-Day - Game 0-ver"/ Are you "READY" for a "NEW GAME"? (on his Remote View Substack page) Bob has posted this:

"They got 3 years to reveal 'O', a further 2 to come clean. As predicted, they went for scorched Earth. No more nonsense resource scarcity wars and military subjugation for profit, it's GAME 'O' VER… Are you 'READY' to 'LEVEL UP' humanity? Time for a 'NEW GAME'."

Check out these links from e-catworld and Remote View sites:

(check the interesting comments as well). Here are some:

Ophelia Rump: The O seems to be the emergence of the source of the fractal in the physical universe.
Are you aware of the fractal being expressed at this deep a level of physics anywhere else or is this a brand new rabbit hole?
Could the fractal be a new "Force for physics" or does it seem to be an emergent property of existing forces? Answering this and defining how it emerges is worthy of a Nobel Prize in my opinion.
I noticed a spiral effect, so I suspect at least two forces interacting in O.
Might there be other geometric forms which could express themselves similarly and what properties might they bring? (This question is rhetorical. )

Bob Greenyer: What I realised in the winter 2016-2017 is that whatever was going on in LENR, the Hutchison Effect and Ball Lightning were intrinsically related and, given that matter could do everthing including creation, transmutation and de-creation, it had to be cause by whatever underpins all of physical and indead metaphysical reality.

My shock at this realisation I wanted to get across in my deliberately reflective behaviour in (RedPill)

That act gave me access to Suhas Ralkars fuel - analysis of which revealed SR in non-contestable captures on Web camera in addition to other (plastic at a distance) and normal methods. Along with the 'Balls' with focussed directional beams of radiation and the damage patterns shredding the fuel container, disappearance of W from the fuel mix and apparent synthesis of elements pointed to the process of intense cavitation producing all of the effects observable in nature, matter fusion, fission, transmutation and annihilation.

Then came LION, and the clearest SR track ever observed (paw prints) and then all of the clear macro soliton structures of two kinds that clustered and damaged the Fused Quarts, even to large scale clusters of clusters in "Cauliflower'. The yin-yang (solitons of two charges) skinning the mostly shielded 'Jewel' matched the arrangement on the Hutchison MFMP 'Fracture' Sample at the same scale. At this time I was well aware of Ken Shoulders claim in the interview of his that I transcribed, that EVOs could skin things. Here I had 2 different systems, one particle and EM field based (Hutchison) and the other thermal, field, D, Ni and Diamond based showing exact same effect. Moreover, there were spheres as in Suhas Ralkar's ECCO fuel and that I had seen in NOVA Microwave reactor ash - completing that picture was me356 observing the same structure in his W+K2CO3+H2O electrolysis experiment. We literally had all kinds of systems producing the same effects.

In Early January 2018, in a dream, I realised the only structure that could in fractal or clustering nature explain all the observables I had seen, and those I had reviewed of others, was two types of toroidal solitons of opposite focused charges. There was no other possible structure. It had to be fractal and so I would comment right here "As above So Below"

This led to the Authoring of O-Day in Jan 2018. 1/3rd of the slides I presented at my "Seek <&> Share" presentation at Sochi on Oct 4th. 2018. From then I have been systematically working through the slides, bit by bit.

My gut feeling that these things would cause polarisation of materials due to their intense internal field structures, compelled me to through over 1500 Euros on my credit card in advance of my trip to evaluate the technology of Dr. Ryushin Ohmasa. There I discovered on the first night on one of his steel vibrator plates that what could not be seen with normal illumination, became an obvious SR track with polarisation.

Combining this with knowledge that he had previously claimed transmutation - and that I determined US sound on day 1, knowing what LeClaire and Stringham had achieved, it was 100% linked to the same phenomena.

Then everything fell into place, it did not matter what new paper was found, which unearthed patent was evaluated, it all was easily explainable using one simple concept and clustering. Shoulders was right, but not clear.

Since Hutchison samples was where Shoulder's drew inspiration, I decided to really look at them with the tools I had. Because of the never ending can kicking of a certain prominent figure in LENR, we received almost no donations - so options were limited. But deep analysis with the Dinolite showed at least 3 quantisation levels of Tori on the 'Fracture' sample and since Shouders has said they can cluster (and his work was based on Bosticks 1950s work showing they cluster and were toroids) it had to be that they could cluster. What whas different from Shoulders and Bosticks published papers, was that it showed the exact way they were clustering from the witness marks and by clustering in this way, they explained the work of Shoulders, Matsumoto and Bostick/Nardi and many others.

I published this structure as the structure of 'O' on Feb 17th 2020. I specifically said this is indicative EM field structure that was fractal in nature and there would be no technical limit to the level of clustering. Indeed I had already said this in my review of the SAFIRE presentation with Mats Lewan in November 2019 - but now I knew the exact strucure.

The conclusion of slide 4 in 'O-Day' was emphatically "O is nature" - That is to say, it had to be the fundamental thing of which there are two variations - a maker and a breaker, as I intuited in Jan 2017.

Fast forward to the SEM session of 19 April 2022 reviewing the VEGA Valley, and other than many Fe + O rich crenelated balls that I had previously identified as a core of ball lightning in all systems, I fleetingly captured on the screen recording something that on review on the train home was an exact physical manifestation of that derived from physical witness marks on the Hutchison sample. In review of SEMs I found more examples and will be getting these in higher resolutions next week hopefully.

On the 30th April 2022, I sent my latest findings to the Russian speaking Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball Lightning research community and one person replied back 30 mins before my livestream with this account of classified Soviet-era energetics research, without any other comment.

The document provides a statement that mainstream Maxwell equations can derive a pure field structure and explains the formation and stability of the EXACT 'exotic' vacuum EM structure I had derived and then imaged, and that I had shared in flight in videos produced by Henk and Dave in VEGA systems.

It confirms explicitly that this is the only fractal structure possible that can fill the physical vacuum without left over volumes or dead ends and therefore is the only possible structure that could be the basis for the vacuum. It additionally confirms the mathematical basis for it being able to be at any scale up or down.

I hope to finish the translation and re-mastering of the Physicist mathematical treatment, requested by the author of "The Bagel Game" that turned him from a skeptic into a believer. That believer could not get traction, because even those that wanted to replicate the work, would never 'see' the thing. The MFMP and its collaborators have shared video of how they form, cluster, the damage they do the transmutations they perform, quantisations of the structures at various levels including toroid, sphere, and capped magnetic fluid networks.


"It is all the same thing"

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