EPRI Guide for Evaluating and Establishing Performance of Emerging DR Technologi
Date: Sunday, December 23, 2001 @ 23:00:00 GMT
Topic: Aux-Equipment

"This engineering guide characterizes heat-rate (efficiency), cogeneration (waste heat), electrical characteristics (for example, voltage and power quality), immunity, and emissions such as noise, disposable/hazardous wastes, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) for distributed resource (DR) technologies. The guide outlines requirements for consistent protocols, methods, and procedures applied to test and evaluate emerging DR technologies. Examples of these technologies are internal combustion engines, small gas turbines (including microturbines), fuel cells, and energy storage technologies." (EPRI)

ZPE devices would also fall under DR category. More info at: href=http://www.epri.com/OrderableitemDesc.asp?product_id=000000000001003963>http://www.epri.com/OrderableitemDesc.asp?product_id=000000000001003963

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