A Passionate Plea by a good hearted person to Genesis World Energy.
Date: Sunday, October 05, 2003 @ 20:56:55 GMT
Topic: Customers

This is a plea by a good hearted person to Genesis World Energy. Genesis World Energy,

If the information on your website is true then your company, in the near future, will totally change the world in what will seem like the blink of an eye. According to your website, hundreds of companies around the world are signing up to start mass producing your Edison Devices, HICEF's, and iGAS technologies. And soon they will start producing these devices.

But on the other hand you offer no proof or evidence to back up your statements. You offer no patents, technical papers, statements from other parties involved, testimonials from accredited individuals who have seen the devices at work, or any form of evidence that these devices are indeed "real".

Do I think your company is perpetuating a huge giant hoax? I don't know. There is NO evidence that you company is running a hoax. A few things do seem suspecious (and if you are telling the truth on your website you might even have good reason for these things), but there is no evidence. I sincerely hope that your company is telling the absolute truth! Because it would mean the world would be about to change in a great way! The energy crisis would be averted, we would no longer have any need for fossil fuels, and perhaps humanity would finally be in the position to truly enhance the human civilization.

But then again, there is no evidence that your company is NOT a hoax.

You see, we in the alternative energy field (both laymen and those that actually have done hands on research) have been burnt many times before by companies that make huge claims, but never back them up.

We have been played games with.

We have been manipulated.

We have been flat out LIED too.

We have been conned.

And this has been done to us over, and over, and over again!

We have been caught up so deeply in the hope of a truly alternative energy source that we want to at least give those who claim a breakthrough the benefit of the doubt.

However, everytime we have given that benefit of the doubt we have been burnt badly.

We are just good decent people who want a better world for others, ourselves, our family members and friends, and our decendents.

And an unlimited source of clean and cheap energy would at least be a huge leap in that direction.

We honestly are sick of so many nations fighting each other, killing each other, terrorizing each other, etc. There is so much curruption in all the governments on this planet it is impossible to know who are the good guys and who are the badguys.

But a clean and abundant energy source (like what your company has spoken about) would be a huge wakeup call for all humanity. It would tell the world, "Hey, here is the solution for all your energy needs. It is cheap, clean, and almost free. Now, why can't you realize that your all human and stop killing yourselves and start working together so that every human being on this planet can at least be FED!?"

Would the release of such a technology create a utopia? Of course not. The world is NEVER going to be perfect. But it would give the possibility of something *better*.

We simply are tired of having our hopes trashed by companies and individuals who are lying, playing games, conning, and manipulating others.

We simply want the TRUTH, and the evidence to back it up!

Many of us have become very cynical about the possibility of ever having such a technology. It has turned some individuals into diehard skeptics who trash, bash, and lie about companies such as yours. These individuals simply slander and attack anything that could represent a breakthrough. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't think these are really bad people. They are probably good people at heart and want good things for this world. But they have been burnt so badly they have lost the ability to have any small spark of faith or hope. They just don't want to see those of us who still have the ability to have faith and hope get hurt and even heartbroken yet again.

Now to get closer to the point of this message, if your website is truthful and all these technologies do exist and are so close to being produced then please throw us a bone of evidence. We need something to hold on too. Because if you don't then many of us may start to resent your company regardless if you are telling the truth or not.

Why would we resent your company if you are about to release a technology that could change the world? Because even though you may be telling the truth, you are playing a game with us! You are putting individuals who would LOVE to support and spread the word about your company in a horrible position.

Do you realize what it is like to try and give your company the benefit of the doubt while skeptics are attacking you, debunkers are slandering you, and we are being attacked ourselves when we have NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER THAT EVEN ONE OF YOUR DEVICES ARE REAL?!

There are individuals trying to dig up any little bit of information they can and twist it against you. But we can do nothing, because you have not given us anything to hold on to!

Many of us can understand if you can't give out full technical date on your devices. But there must be something you can do to verify that your technologies exist and are real.

But if you don't do something to help those of us who are trying so hard to defend your company then you will loose ALL your supporters both NOW and if/when the devices start being sold around the world.

Because if you don't want to back up your technology and give some kind of evidence, it would have been best for you not even to have a public website.

Please remember that those of us who have tried to support you are human beings with emotions and feelings. We have been through a LOT for many years and we have a lot of emotional scars.

We want to support you, we want to encourage others to support you, and we want to spread the word about the great things your company will be doing for the world.

But one thing we ask for you to NOT do is screw with us. We have been SCREWED too many times already.

This means,

If you are legit, then please release some evidence of this! If you would release even just enough to prove that others have tested your devices and they functioned as they were supposed too, then you would have our unwaivering support! However, please don't leave us defenseless! We need some evidence!

Otherwise, even if/when your devices are proven real, you will have many, many people resenting your company. We of course will be thankful that the technologies are benefitting the world, but we will always remember how you left us alone to the skeptics and debunkers.

If you are not legit, then please just end this sick game. For the record, I am NOT saying that your company has LIED, CONNED, MANIPULATED, or done anything wrong, unlawful, or illegal.

And I am NOT saying that your company "is" playing a sick game.

But "if" you company is NOT legit then you are hurting more people than you can realize. You are hurting good, decent, loving, and caring people who simply want a better world.

If your company is NOT legit, then please just end this game. You are making huge, fantastic, and amazing claims! You are given many people HOPE for a better world! If you are NOT telling the truth, then please shut down your website because you are only going to be breaking the hearts of many innocent people.

We have been hurt before time and time again. Please don't hurt us again, please?

Then again, if you company is telling the truth and have oooodles and ooodles of contacts already in place it is NOT going to hurt your business AT ALL to give out some evidence that your technology is real.

Yes, at FIRST I could see why *some* secrecy would be needed. There are evil dark forces at work who have suppressed devices before. But now there is no reason why you cannot release some evidence.

This world needs hope, and if you would release some evidence you would be given so many people HOPE for a better world.

What are you waiting for? When are you planning to release proof of your devices? Are you going to wait until the day the first Edison devices are shipped to Home Depot's and Walmart's around the world?

For goodness sakes, please don't wait that long! Just the knowledge that such a technology is ON THE WAY could do a LOT for the world! With that sort of HOPE a LOT of good could be done BEFORE the devices are even mass distributed.

What are you waiting for? Do you want one huge media blitz that will put GWE in the memory of all humankind forever? If that is the case, please realize that with a technology as significant as yours you will get ALL credit you deserve whether you give some proof now and start building a public awareness OR if it is all announced at once.

But by releasing some evidence NOW you will be giving HOPE to many, many people.

In conclusion, please make a decision. Many of us are growing very tired and frustrated. Because our hearts YEARN to believe in your company and technologies. But we are simply left hanging without any evidence. Of course all we can do is wait and see what you decide. Because it is YOUR company and YOUR decision. And it is YOUR right to run it as YOU see fit.

But can you please give us a break, throw us a bone, and give us some scrap of evidence?

Because we would really appreciate it.

Thank you for all of your hard work, efforts, and the energy you have put into your project. If it is real you are truly doing a great service for all humanity.

As you can see, I for one am doing my very best to mentally give you the benefit of the doubt. But can you please give some evidence so that we can do something other than just have blind faith in your company?

Again, please make a decision, and quickly. Not later, but now. And if you have decided not to give out any information until you can buy the devices at Walmart then please be HONEST and TELL US THAT NOW!

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