U.S. Energy Policy - Has anything changed?
Date: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 @ 01:02:20 GMT
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Mathew Whitney writes: Dr. Hass,

I'm an independant inventor preparing material for the Big Red Incubator. In my research and networking efforts I often find links within varying data sources and after learning of you, a local, I thought it would be appropriate to ask your opinion on some energy related issues.

I just bought a book called The Sun Betrayed - A Report on the Corporate Seizure of U.S. Solar Energy Developement by Ray Reece.

As you may recall your former boss James Schlesinger did his best to suppress Solar R+D. In the seventies the government allocated money for this and practically no entrepreneurs/independant inventors were exploited for the purpose of producing novel and superior conversion methods. ERDA gave 93% of funds to corporate welfare/subsidies. Today GM got all 1.2 billion, clearly US Energy Policy got worse which is nearly impossible. Its gotten worse because it has irrationally stayed the same.

Now that the 3rd energy crisis is upon us can you give me any proof that the DoE is actually doing what its supposed to be doing?

Is the industrial-political paradigm so blind to the issues that ultimately govern the bottom line?

Does customer intolerance get factored into the countless strategy meetings?

Unlike the first two energy crises which were orchestrated this new one is also real as we've reached the point of no return in regards to the phasing out and simultaneous phasing in of technologies and infrastructure. Do the dinosaurs now see that the small decentralized mammals are on to something?

NYSERDA is currently considering my IP for funding and as mentioned I will be working with the BRI soon.

I know that if NYSERDA decides to fund my work I won't require Cornell Resources - the next step after the BRI is presentation to the VC fund - But I'd still like to work with Cornell resources regardless out of reverence and professionalism. My issue however is ownership. If using Cornell resources gives Cornell rights then the ideals behind all this may be compromised given the role academia plays in the political-industrial paradigm. That would be okay as long as I walk away with my name on the patent and enough royalties to go on to the next project. I think NYSERDA would be more inclined to fund me under one of their programs if they knew Cornell resources were being used, as opposed to whatever I can find. Are these valid concerns? Correct assumptions? Reasonable requests? And has the university ever been involved with a joint project between a Govt Fund and an entrepreneur/inventor?

I want what is best for everyone not just stockholders. If I'm going to succeed in creating the next generation sustainable, decentralized infrastructure I need to prove the efficacy of my systems. What better test bed than the campus itself?

The CHESS facility costs 7 million a year alone! That should be all the incentive needed to help me succeed.

I appreciate your opinion as you have intimately lived through the history I'm learning. My business plan would benefit greatly from what you can tell me.

Thank you so much.

M.G. Whitney

FerroFlow MHD Power and Propulsion Ithaca NY

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