Tantalising evidence hints Universe is finite
Date: Thursday, October 09, 2003 @ 23:49:02 GMT
Topic: Science

From: NewScientist.com (8 Oct 2003)

"Perplexing observations beamed back by a NASA spacecraft are fuelling debates about a mystery of biblical proportions - is our Universe infinite? Scientists have announced tantalising hints that the Universe is actually relatively small, with a hall-of-mirrors illusion tricking us into thinking that space stretches on forever."

Notice the difference in how things are done in the real world than how they are on the internet. First, people actually build an EXPERIMENTAL APPARATUS. Then they acquire REAL DATA. Then they test theories AGAINST THAT DATA to see which one best fits the data.

And this is done DESPITE the fact that Week's theory is completely against the "established dogma" that the Universe is infinite. (comment from Shawn Bishop)

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