BLP conversion device
Date: Saturday, October 18, 2003 @ 21:28:44 GMT
Topic: Devices

Jeane Manning writes: Hi Vlad, Has the zpenergy website discussed Blacklight Power device lately? I did a quick look on the site and didn't see an article. See: BD_Micro.pdf


Thx for the link Jeane. We have discussed BLP technology on this site a few times (search for Mills). I am personally disappointed with BLP and their progress to date. Iíve seen that paper two years ago and I donít see any progress reported on their PDC (plasmadynamic power converter), which was being developed by the company at that time (they also reported a successful tested prototype). I see Mills more interested in theoretical research and publishing papers than in bringing a working device to the market. Cheers, Vlad.

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