An Introduction to Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations
Date: Saturday, October 18, 2003 @ 22:58:16 GMT
Topic: Science

Bill Alek writes: Hello all,

Here's the latest release of my breakthrough paper, An Introduction to GRAVIMETRIC MASS FLUCTUATIONS, Revision 7.0:

I show how the mass of an object undergoes a state transition from its kinetic state to gravimetric state, back to its kinetic state. The kinetic state is considered Newtonian and therefore, subject to inertia. On the other hand, the gravimetric state is considered non-Newtonian and therefore, inertialess.

A correlation is established between a fluctuating mass, a fluctuating inductance, and a fluctuating capacitance, thereby unifying the gravitational force with the electromagnetic forces. If fluctuation should cease, the object resorts back to its original kinetic state.

The paper also shows how the gravimetric state may be used to extract electrical FREE ENERGY. Spacetime media is modeled as an aetheric gas, or exerts a graviton pressure. Simply by compressing or rarefying the spacetime media, directly affects electromagnetic energy. A "gravimetric amplifier" could be built that adroitly collects this excess electrical energy. A consequence of this action results in a variance of the local time stream with an active radius that conforms to the inverse square law. An instantaneous change in motion of the "amplifier" will also be experienced.

A fascinating correlation is also established between the gravimetric state of matter and the common photon. A photon can be modeled as a fluctuating mass that exerts a force, must travel at a constant velocity, and is entirely inertialess. Its direction of motion is only affected by gravity because it contains a property of mass.

A brief summary of my theory is shown here:

Inductive and capacitive MathCAD simulations are shown here:

Finally, a theory thatís simple, stunningly exquisite, and testable.


Dear Bill,

Thanks for the sending of your paper, this seems interesting, but where I can find a simple PROOF OF CONCEPT EXPERIMENT about your Gravimetric Mass Fluctuation theory that ANYONE can perform and REPLICATE INDEPENDANTLY?

I shall be glad to conduct myself a such experiment... Don't forget that a claim is valid ONLY with some full and independent replications by independent researchers worldwide...

Best Regards
Jean-Louis Naudin
Main Web site :


The theory I presented, no doubt, makes some rather extraordinary "predictions". The issue is devising experiments to test the theory, which I'm in the process of doing.

Stay tuned! There's more to come.


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