The secret lay in the junk magnets
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 @ 00:30:18 GMT
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From the Sweet-VTA yahoo list: Hello Sig,

When I met Sweet in 1994 at his home in Desert Hot springs Ca, he told me that he had only been successful with the VTA when using a number of magnets obtained from a surplus store in LA. He had never got it to work with commercial magnets.

He told me that when he first discovered the VTA effect he thought he had made a universal discovery and it was only later that he found the effect was specific to a certain set of magnets.

He said he had no idea why some magnets worked and other did not and he was telling interested people about his discovery so that the "smart young guys" could figure out what the cause was.

There appeared to be no hidden trick that made it work, he tried many different things some very way out but none of them seemed to make ordinary commercial magnets work. There is a tendency to assume he had some secret which he kept to himself, it seems to me that he did not, the secret lay in the junk magnets he used and their unknown history. This leads to the conclusion that the real secret lies in some unknown aspect of the solid state physics of hard ferrites.

Mike Watson

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