Rotation: A Powerful Gateway
Date: Sunday, November 23, 2003 @ 14:38:57 GMT
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Leslie R. Pastor writes:
Rotation is a powerful gateway into an etheric 4-Space world of gated possibilities. Rotation is a key fundamental in examining significant links harnessing significant [dimensional] properties enabling the extraction of novel attributes not [normally] found in 3-Space [structured] formats. So let us examine some attributes.

What is a rotating magnetic field and who discovered this principle, powerful, and useful phenomenon?

Nikola Tesla is[the] one individual who is recognized as having discovered the phenomenon of the 'rotating magnetic field,' which ultimately led to the construction of the first induction motor. This discovery enabled Tesla to develop the use of alternating current, establishing the AC paradigm. But who was this man Nikola Tesla, and what did he accomplish with his discoveries.

Dale Pond has referred to the 'universe' as a 'musical' universe, and I suspect that Tesla may have had similar 'conception' as well when he attempted to 'analyze' the frequency ranges between alternating currents and light waves. Dale's interpretation has been 'mirrored' with an interesting corroboration.

Dr. Antony C. Sutton [The View From 4-Space p. 65-69] believed that, "Rotation, or the 'spin thing', as [the late] Professor [Eric] Laithwaite of [the] University of London used to call rotation, has a key role in 4-Space as a gating mechanism and is identified in a variety of technologies, some already in use." [Sutton]

"Several are not thought of as 'technology' in 3-Space terms but fit the characteristics of 4-Space technologies. Rotation and vortices are common attributes and sound is a creative mechanism." [Sutton]

[Rotation is significant, but unfortunately, 'significantly' misunderstood.] "The Schauberger technologies depend on centripetal action, not the centrifugal action of the current thermodynamic cycle." [Sutton]

"The Schauberger vortical biological vacuum is centripetal (an inward cycle) rather than centrifugal (outwards). Interestingly the Chaldeans used this method to induce favorable weather, an ancient precursor to Constable etheric techniques using votical gates." [Sutton]

"Rotation is also linked to another subtle energy, the life force, or "chi." The Tibetan lamas have a tradition, to achieve longevity by daily clockwise rotation exercises." [Sutton]

"Orthorotation of an electric flux is used by Moray King to gate electricity from the fourth [4th] dimension."

"More down to earth in present 20th Century technology: the gyroscope has 4-Space properties when precessing (spinning). According to Laithwaite, DePalma, Kelly, Baumgardner and others experimentation shows that Newton's Laws of Motion only apply to motion in straight lines where there is no change in the rate of acceleration." [Sutton]

"A gyroscope is essentially a wheel mounted on a universal joint so that its axis may lie in any direction. While orthodox scientists claim that all gyroscopic properties can be explained by Newton's Law of Motion, this is hardly so. For example:

(1) If you weigh a gyroscope on a precision balance and weigh it again when spinning on a vertical axis, it will always weigh less when spinning. Newton does not cover this case.

(2) A gyroscope precessing on a tower on a horizontal plane will not topple or fall. It defies the pull of gravity. A stationary gyroscope cannot remain in the horizontal position without toppling.

(3) In the 1970s Bruce DePalma former MIT physics instructor experimented with rotating balls to observe the interaction of gravitational and inertial forces. Newton's laws do not distinguish between rotating and non-rotating objects. Neither did Einstein. In DePalma experiments repeated elsewhere, a rotating ball falls faster than a non-rotating ball. In other words rotation affects the mechanical properties of an object. [Sutton]

"These 4-Space characteristics are today used in 3-Space technology without their actions being fully understood. Accelerometers, automatic pilots, gyrocompasses, gyroscopic ship stabilizers all make use of these unexplained properties. In brief we already have a few 4-Space technologies proven, useful and operating."

"DePalma's conclusions are worth noting:

The momentous fact is that there is no special interaction between rotation and gravity. The behavior of rotating objects is explained simply on the addition of free energy to whatever motion the rotating object is making. The spinning object goes higher and falls faster than the identical non-rotating control. In brief, one can access the 4-Space world of free energy or "this addition of free energy" in several forms by rotation." [Sutton]

"The reaction of MIT to DePalma has to be noted. Honest science would record these results and draw conclusions for theory and new technology. To the contrary MIT ejected DePalma from his instructor's position.

He then went to the Sunburst Community in Santa Barbara, not an academic institution, where he developed a practical over unity N-machine, an electrical generating device. In other words, a closed community not concerned with technology was able to recognize and support a technology with greater accuracy and honest response than the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is the recipient of massive U.S. Government funds and respect. We will see later that MIT repeated this dishonest activity with regard to cold fusion. Further the author [Sutton] can personally confirm this suppressive activity a few years before DePalma at Hoover Institution, Stanford University." [Sutton]

"DePalma was unable to fight the academic establishment on its own ground and later went to Australia and New Zealand." [Sutton}

"We have no doubt that numerous similar cases will sooner or later surface. In the meantime be assured that Thomas Kuhn was right when he argued that orthodoxy will not tolerate any challenge to its dominance..they can never be wrong. We have not doubt that would be students may read this book [The View From 4-Space] and be concerned for their own future. Our suggestion is to keep away from the so-called "prestigious establishments" and look carefully at smaller almost unknown establishments with open-minded faculty members, or try to bypass establishment-state institutions. At some point we anticipate private voluntary communities will be established." [Antony C. Sutton: The View From 4-Space pp 66-69]

Editors note: For me Dr. Antony C. Sutton was an 'eye' opener. Had he lived longer his research would have provided significant clues [directions] into significant aspects of 4-Space phenomena, especially those dealing with Tesla's later discoveries.

Rotation is a powerful gateway that has extracted for us significant resources already [motors, generators, energy (AC/DC) ], within our everyday [3-Space] world. Rotation continues beyond into the higher framework of 4-space, extracting for us future paradigms incorporating anti-gravity and primary energy sources outside of [and framing] 3-space constraints. Variant aspects of 4-Space research, continues in private and public forums. What is needed is 'openness' and 'unity' in 'understanding' what these dynamics will provide when properly harnessed.

All the Best,

Leslie R. Pastor

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