Trithor receives Top Ranking for HTS Wire Production
Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 @ 03:44:38 GMT
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TRITHOR achieves Top Ranking From NRW (North-Rhine Westphalia) initiative for Future Power Technologies Düsseldorf, October 1st.
Trithor GmbH has received top ranking in a federally sanctioned review for advancing high-temperature superconducting (HTS) wire technology on October 1st, 2003. Just 14 days before the Ginzburg, Landau and Abrikosov received the Nobel prize of physics in 2003 for their work in superconductivity. Trithor is now among the top 41 industry companies and regional energy projects in NRW who received this special award since 1996.

The progress of Trithor and other participants in the peer review process was ranked by an governmental committee based on performance against previously stated goals, goals for the next year and the level of research integration with the national laboratory (or industry) partners.The peer review committee noted that the HTS technology program at Trithor is a "world-class project" and a "focused, goal-oriented effort" with a "strong innovative streak fostered by management, leading to strong team effort achieving and exceeding stated goals."
Carsten Bührer, Managing Director for Information and Communication, said: "This latest peer ranking reinforces our confidence in the course we are taking in developing the HTS wires. HTS wires are important because it is the enabling technology for the power transmission and distribution sector. We are glad to learn that Trithor technology has led to significant advancements in the development of HTS applications in Europe."
Frank-Michael Baumann, General Manager of NRW´s State Initiative on Future Energies, said: "Trithor has focused their efforts on a scalable manufacturing process in the past year and has made remarkable Progress with reaching No. 1 in the EU market in 2003.” The country of North-Rhine Westphalia is the major sponsor of Trithor´s HTS program. HTS wire technology has become a program priority in the initiative for Future Power Technologies because of the potential to dramatically lower cost and improve security in the power grid.

TRITHOR GmbH is specialised in the production of high-grade high temperature superconductors (HTS wires), used in electrical engineering and magnet technology. Since foundation in Bonn in 1999, Trithor has grown to become one of the most important HTS wire producers world-wide. Wires produced on latest means of production are supplied in diversified markets, e.g. electrical engineering, shipbuilding, surface and off-road transportation, magnet technology, power quality, and medical engineering. More information under

High Temperature Superconductor wires
Core products are HTS wires. The core of the wires is made of ceramic materials, which transmit electric current loss free below -160 °C. Superconductors are one of the key technologies the new century.
The advantages of HTS compared to conventional copper technologies are 50 times higher transmission capacity, and the considerable lower electrical losses. Trithor’s products are delivered to producers of electrical systems, who will then integrate them in applications, e.g. high current cables, motors, generators, transformers, nuclear magnetic resonance devices, and magnets.
While achieving the same performance, electrical systems can be reduced in size and weight by 50 – 70%. At the same time, operating expenses can be lowered due to higher efficiency and thus energy savings. The cooling agent liquid Nitrogen or liquid Neon is environmentally compatible and not flammable. Therefore, it has clear advantages compared to conventional oil cooling.

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