Theories are good but their 'fruit' is what we need …soon!
Date: Thursday, January 01, 2004 @ 22:35:26 GMT
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Some new-energy "veterans" back with new insights and theories who should concentrate more on putting their theories into practice: Dr Jay Garrett is back with "New Information on ZPE", William Alek with his “Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations” theory, Zoltan Losonc with an improved “FE Capacitive Generator” version and Matthew Whitney with his "Solar Closed-Cycle MHD Generator”.

From the “New Information on ZPE” by Jay Garrett (see New Information on ZPE):

“…When ZPE hits matter that is not "magnetized", it creates a singular field after the charge of the particles of that matter. But only "magnetized" materials create these two harmonious fields. Now, placing the "North Field" and the "South Field" together is not enough to create this magnetic effect. The particles of the matter must generate both themselves... and when they do, they create a ZPE circuit... a flow of energy. They actually bring the still zero point energy into a flow of energy that can be directly used and accessed.

You see, there's this sea of ZPE energy with unlimited power. However, it appears designed to operate in dynamics that are merely needed to create the effects of every force and phenomenon in the universe. Other than that, it is too subtle to interact with most matter outside of these dynamics. However, something about magnets causes a resonance and induction that brings some of this infinite pool of energy into expression…”

Read Zoltan’s “Capacitive FE Generator” page here: Capacitive FE Generator

Read Bill Alek’s “Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations” paper at: Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations

These e-mails were recently received from Matthew Whitney:


This email is being sent to members of CURES, Engineers without Frontiers, SEAC, Indymedia and TC Green Party.

I've been inventing alternative energy technology for several years and have, after many disappointing solicitations, realized that I can't do this alone. I've thoroughly studied all aspects of the problems of getting something truly disruptive to market, from technical to political - this is a great challenge and as far as I'm concerned the only one worth taking on.

Attached is my business plan/model/proposal called HATE NYSEG? and an Abstract on my primary IP called Solar Closed.

Please take a moment and read over these even if you're not politically or technically inclined. It is my hope that you will at least pass these attachments along to others you think will like what I've got here. If it lights a fire in you please let me know. All questions and comments are welcome.

Thanks so much.

Sincerely Yours

M.G. Whitney Ithaca NY
Greetings Friends of The Sun!

I'm an independent inventor from Ithaca NY USA and I've been inventing alternative energy devices for several years. After working on ZPE powered concepts for some time I realized that the political resistance and lack of consensus in the physics community made this endeavor futile despite its promise.

Recently I turned my attention to a less dense part of the EM spectrum - solar - because nobody can deny it and it is still lacking a superior way of being harnessed.

What I've come up with and am presenting here in the attachments is a conversion technology that is advanced and very efficient but not at all exotic.

Because I have little to no resources for R+D and prototyping (thanks to my Government) I've decided to present this IP to the international Solar community in the hopes that a foreign entity may appreciate it and invest.

Please take a moment and look over my abstract and illustration, some peer review would be very welcome.

If you like what you see and want to collaborate I'd be very happy to negotiate further, also feel free to pass this info along to anyone you know who'd be interested. It seems networking is half the battle!

Thank you so much.

Sincerely Yours

M.G. Whitney

FerroFlow MHD Power and Propulsion

phone#: 607 539 6986
Read his paper titled "Solar Closed" in our Downloads section.

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