The Spirit Of Science
Date: Sunday, January 04, 2004 @ 17:28:43 GMT
Topic: Science

Interesting reading: "The Spirit Of Science" by Tom Anderson.

"...Science is a dynamic, intrinsic to the creation of every nonmystic idea, and to the practical efforts for bringing such ideas to reality. This process is a major factor behind every existing productive strategy and action.

Understanding the spirit of science can deliver a person a whole new approach to all areas of thought-intensive work and problem solving.

Science-based thinking mitigates thinking errors and mysticisms while empowering individuals to creatively integrate new ideas -- especially controversial and non-traditional ideas -- with practical actions, thereby bringing their ideas into reality.

After having read this manual, you will understand the essence of science, the reason why the most innovative research is suppressed in today's civilization, and by which groups, and how you can benefit by applying scientific thinking to your personal and business goals..."

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