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Consider for a moment the effect of converting one billion cars to hydrogen: Equating the US Department of Energy's estimate for global daily consumption of gasoline (4 trillion gallons) to the equivalent hydrogen consumption, we would lose 70 million metric tons of breathable oxygen per day. At that rate, all human life would vanish in 30 yrs due to oxygen depletion. We have already lost a measurable 3-5% of earth's oxygen since 1950.

A new energy source, Magnegas, a pollution-free fuel is being commercially developed by countries around the world, but of course not here, with the oil saturated politics of the US preventing it. This article offers some really good news, amidst further documentation of the Bush administration follies.

According to the article below:

Magnegas was developed in US with tax dollars but it is being ignored by the Bush administration. Meanwhile, Europe, Russia, and China are moving to adopt it.

The Bush administration has presented GM with a billion dollar grant to develop a hydrogen powered car.

Widespread conversion of automobiles to hydrogen could lead to all human life vanishing in 30 yrs due to oxygen depletion.

Readers can get the facts at: www.magnegas.com and are urged to write to their representatives to express their outrage at this administration's closed-door energy policy.

New pollution-free fuel ignored by US

Despite the catastrophic consequences associated with a hydrogen-based world economy, the Bush administration has presented GM with a billion dollar grant to develop a hydrogen powered car. This gesture came as a surprise to many environmentally conscious observers who responded with cautious applause. After all, what could possibly be wrong with a pollution-free car? What indeed?

The answer to this question is widely known yet the media chose to remain silent and focused instead on promoting the president's technological and environmental leadership.

The answer begins with remembering that the hydrogen molecule is so small it will leak through any known container. And being lighter than air, it will rise immediately to the stratosphere destroying ozone on contact. Good-by ozone layer. By contrast, gasoline and its combustion products don't affect the ozone layer.

When hydrogen burns, atmospheric oxygen is lost and nature has no mechanism for the large-scale conversion of water back to oxygen. When gasoline burns, CO2 is produced which photosynthesis can convert back to oxygen.

What motive could there be for the Bush-Chaney-Wolfowitz cartel for using US leadership and prestige to send the world in such a dead-end direction?

To begin with, industrial quantities of hydrogen are now produced through the electrolysis of water - a process that uses enormous amounts of electricity. Oxygen is also produced but it's never released to atmosphere. It's too valuable a commodity!

To generate the electricity for this new hydrogen economy, we would need a ten-fold increase in the number of power plants, and unless we accept nuclear power, they would burn fossil fuel - lots of fossil fuel. This would create a lot of wealth for some - and a lot of anguish for the rest.

Is there a way out? A previous US administration, already alarmed by air pollution trends, solicited the US Dept. of Energy to invite Prof. Ruggero Santilli to pursue the development of new, clean energies and fuels. The year was 1979. The President was Jimmy Carter.

For the duration of the Carter Administration, Dr. Santilli, a theoretical physicist, worked with senior mathematicians at Harvard developing Hadronic Mechanics, the first major advance in particle physics since the advent of Quantum Mechanics. For the first time Dr. Santilli was able to look deeply into the processes occurring during the instant of a lightning flash. A whole new class of molecules was discovered called "magnecules" capable of being configured in ways impossible for normal chemical compounds. Gases could be bonded to solids. Liquids could become superconductors . . .and fuels could be designed that were pollution-free. The new fuel was named "Magnegas" and was designed from the outset, to yield 16% free oxygen upon combustion - solving forever the problem of global oxygen depletion and becoming the only fuel in the world whose exhaust can sustain life!

Why isn't the world jumping on this new discovery? It is. A Santilli Plasma Arc Flow Reactor has been built in Russia, another in Italy and orders for more are being placed with Euromagnegas. The Chinese are examining the Santilli reactor for ways to convert their enormous coal reserves into a pollution free, non-imported fuel.

This discovery was brought about by the vision of Jimmy Carter, the brilliant work over two decades by Dr. Santilli and others, and millions of dollars in taxpayer money. Are the US oil interests are using their favorite weapons to prevent this discovery from reaching public awareness: disinformation and no information.

Read more at: www.magnegas.com

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