Date: Sunday, January 18, 2004 @ 19:13:36 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

John Hutchison sent me this message from Margaret Hayden, Associate Producer, Powderhouse Productions with the re-airing schedule for the "Invent This" episodes on TechTV:

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From: "Margaret Hayden"
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Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 7:02 AM
Subject: Invent This! air schedule continues...

Dear Invent This! stars and friends,

Hope you are well and surviving the winter. Wanted to let you know if you
don't know already that TechTV is re-airing your episodes. Below are the
dates each episode will re-appear:

1/20 09000403 (Wolslegel, Bigford, Seemann)
1/27 09000503 (Moore, Mendez, Pope)
2/3 09000603 (Mahan, O'Connor, Fetterman)
2/10 09000703 (Hutchison, Ponder, Gottlieb)
2/17 09000803 (Kerrigan, Greenlee, Adams)
2/24 09000903 (Silver, Vadher, Laughlin)
3/2 09001003 (Beasley, Moller, Altschul)
3/9 09001103 (Parrott, Setteducati, Jenkins)
3/16 09001203 (Long, Shailer, McCarthy)
3/23 09001303 (Augsburger, Schneider, Ianinni)

Your show will air Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern at the date above, and will
probably air again a few times in the days that follow. TechTV has been
changing up their programming, so the best way to know when your show might
air again after the Tuesday night 9pm premiere is to visit TechTV's website
(You can try pasting this address into your browser to get to the schedules:

Just wanted you to know so friends and family who missed it the first time
around can see it live and in person.

Margaret Hayden
Associate Producer
Powderhouse Productions
259 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144

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