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Date: Sunday, January 25, 2004 @ 19:27:09 GMT
Topic: Devices

From the KeelyNet discussion group: "Hola Folks!

Received a curious email with an attached threat purporting to be from a 'representative' of the US government...'warning' that this page be taken down as it contains secret information...

The page the threat refers to describes experiments involving tapping the rotational force of static magnets simply from is quite fascinating.

I would suggest you visit this site and SAVE THE PAGE just in case;


Correlations are posted at my magnetic anomalies page at;

Other correlations are;

TOMI, Searl, Hamel, Johnson, Bedini, Minato and others who have either discovered or experimented with a propulsive force from static magnets, in the case of Johnson and Bedini, an ACCELERATING force of roughly 4 times increased velocity.

Jerry W. Decker -

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