Second Annual Arlington Seminar
Date: Monday, January 26, 2004 @ 09:53:31 GMT
Topic: General

From the latest IRI - Future Energy eNews (Jan 25, 2004):

Unique two-day conference on “Breakthrough Technologies for the World’s Biggest Problems” April 27-28, 2004, Arlington Institute, VA

John Peterson, FutureCasts,

Humanity is advancing through an age of innovation and discovery we have never experienced before. At a global scale, we are creating conditions that simultaneously solve and cause more problems far faster than we can assess the significance and implications of our own actions. We have extraordinary opportunity, but we are as ill-prepared as most people doing something for the first time.

The Problem in a Nutshell: Technologies have made us efficient; yet we have not fully made sense of their potential and implications. Present technologies will not solve the world’s biggest problems, which are increasing in their magnitude and significance.

The conference will examine – at a systems level – the positive, negative, and interconnected impacts of technological advancement in the following areas: Health Care, Water, Energy, 3rd World Development, Infotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Biotechnology.

To these ends, the conference will:

* Showcase unique emerging technologies for the world’s biggest problems, by the innovators themselves
* Provide high level experts in a number of technological areas
* Combine first class presentations with interactive, lively discussions
* Aim toward considering a normative future where technologies in all areas are “zero harm” – ensuring that the technology we create harms no part of our natural environment or humanity

Join The Arlington Institute as breakthrough innovators and experts from around the world converge on Washington DC to showcase some of these emerging technologies, discuss the exciting implications of a new global technological era, and plant the seeds of a global awareness about the technological challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Note: Registration for The Arlington Seminar 2004 is limited to 150 people. For more information, email
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