Plentiful Energy Could be on the Horizon
Date: Thursday, February 05, 2004 @ 22:04:28 GMT
Topic: Legal

From the yahoo free_energy list; Kevin writes: Hi All,
I am not against what Bruce is doing. He has a really good approach. There is real energy to be had where he is looking. He also has an idea that we don't really need radioactive materials to get electricity from atomic decay. And I stand by him on that. I do think that we can get enegry from the cosmos regardless of intensity of radioactivity. I have always said that there is more than one way to skin a cat. The same goes for FE. Bruce will vigorously debate this but that is his option. I will continue my search for other energy sources beyond radioactivity. It is IMHO not THE absolute source.

Bruce A. Perreault writes: Kevin,

I agree that energy can be obtained from the Cosmos without exposing us to harmful levels of radioactivity.

I will re-quote Moray;

"We live in a Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats"

I can now state that I have discovered a method to extract this energy and convert it into useful electrical current. My promise to you is that it will be revealed in all its glory this year if it does not get a Secrecy Order slapped on it, barring other unforeseen obstacles. There are plans in the works that should prevent this dire possibility from occurring. How is it possible for a Secrecy Order to be placed on a discovery in a "free society?" The answer is that this is unthinkable in a free society. This should give us a rude awakening to the cold fact that we don't live in a free society.


Umshaad Trivates writes: Here's what ya do BAP,

Get in league wit a bunch o' homies who want to see this stuff get out. Make'm sign a confidentiality agreement that sez they will keep quiet about the technology unless of course, the government slaps a so-called "secrecy order" on the technology.

Go patent your shiznits.

If they don't do anything about it, go ahead and develop your idea, make sure your friends stay quiet and promise them they will get rich if no one steals the idea. When you get rich off your idea, pay your friends, duly.

Now, if the government DOES slap a secrecy order on it, make sure your friends put up numerous websites on how to build one, the recruit some folks across borders and have them sell kits for you through a corporation in their country that you legally control.

Badda boom, badda bam.

You can make money on it even if the gov't says "Shut up". If the government tries to lock you up for spilling the beans, show'em your confidentiality agreements with your friends and point out the date they were signed (prior to the application for the patent). Make sure those things are notarized.

You can beat Uncle Sam. You can even beat the House of Windsor. We live in an age where information can be freely exchanged wherever, whenever.

No one can shut you up. But no one.

Umshaad Trivates

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