Free-Energy Power Cell
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 @ 00:02:01 GMT
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Meet a man who wants to end pollution by creating a self-sustaining energy source.
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"Hutchison is an inventor who works on the fringe of science in so-called "new energy." John builds machines that attempt to harness a complex and little understood phenomenon in which potentially huge amounts of energy lie hidden away in a quantum vacuum. The idea is to harness these power sources by designing a machine that can produce more energy than it takes to operate. One day Hutchison hopes to create a power grid that powers itself...

Walking into John Hutchison's apartment is like walking into a fully outfitted submarine. The place is jammed with his collection of surplus military electronics. A sign on his front door provides fair warning that something unusual is going on inside. It reads, "Attention: No Government Agencies, Federal, Provincial or Municipal Agents of Canada are Allowed on These Premises. Those in Violation are Subject to Prosecution."

He works with different combinations of metals and minerals to produce his low-voltage devices, which he calls Crystal Power Cells. The cells produce about the same voltage as a small C-size battery, but they never run out of juice, according to Hutchinson.

Hutchinson has sold a number of his power sources to individuals and businesses around the world, though he has yet to convince skeptics that his creations are scientifically legitimate. But that doesn't bother him. His desire is to find new, nonpolluting sources of energy to help fill the world's energy needs. He's hoping that success in producing free-energy batteries will fund another one of his goals, creating an antigravity machine that can levitate solid objects."

You can also watch a TV special program in Canada, on the Discovery Channel, February 12 at 8:00 pm PST. The work was done by Gryphon films and also features Nick Cook, Tim Ventura and col. John B. Alexander.

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