The Faraday Induction Dynamo Revisited!
Date: Sunday, February 22, 2004 @ 20:22:00 GMT
Topic: Devices

Dear Vlad & Co.:

I am very pleased to announce the posting to our company website of a unique and rigorous engineering design study of the two principal Faraday unipolar generator variants, and, even though we’re not quite ready to post the statorless ("N-machine") variant section yet, the induction dynamo analysis is complete – and may just point the way toward development of the first small-scale self-sustaining over-unity AC power plant!

We present definitive and exciting evidence which clearly shows that the Faraday induction dynamo in fact has inherent over-unity potential that’s never been properly investigated, and could – according to our best theoretical model – be made self-sustaining with the proper solid-state DC-DC current converter regime (for voltage pre-amplification ahead of a standard inverter)!
While the simple Faraday disk machines’ method of operation is not terribly relevant to that of our own electrostatic-induction Faraday (EDF Generator) variant, it is fascinating in a way and may perhaps be much easier for most to understand. [Besides, Vlad, it will give your old pal John L. something to chew on for a while!]
In any event, please visit our new over-unity engineering report webpage at, and any serious comments and questions you’d like to share with us about it are certainly welcome.

Best regards,

Mark Tomion
Archer Enterprises

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