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Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 @ 23:25:28 GMT
Topic: General

1. Nanopulses and Electrotherapy for Cancer - Exposing cells to an extremely powerful electric field for very brief periods treats cancer.
2. OPEC cuts Oil about 3% - Maintaining high oil prices and limited production. DOE Secretary does not express incredulity as in 2000 when OPEC cut 2%.
3. Movement Caused by Zero Point Energy - Quantum vacuum particles can be made to create motion in a liquid

4. Amory Lovins gets paid by Big Oil - Environmentalist tells them that it's fading fast. He says oil business reminds him of the 19th century whaling industry.
5. Life After the Oil Crash - New book and website provides oil peak information and links
6. NASA says Ocean Currents likely to be Disturbed - Great Ocean Conveyor Belt at risk by warming - dramatic pictures & diagram on NASA website
7. University finds Ethanol to be best Transport for Hydrogen - Latest Science magazine article shows how to make H2 on demand
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