Mark Goldes Interview [ Room Temp Superconductors]
Date: Tuesday, June 01, 2004 @ 22:07:50 GMT
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In the greenglow yahoo group Tim Ventura writes: Dear Groups,
I had the priviledge today of conducting a 1-hour interview with Mark Goldes. He's the CEO of Magnetic Power, Inc and its subsidiary Room Temperature Superconductors, Inc.

Goldes has been working in new-energy technologies since the 1970's, and while he's an inventor and has a great depth of background in these technologies, he's also mastered the more difficult task of building a successful company to release these products into the commercial marketplace.

Goldes company has been working for years on a real, patented process for creating Room Temperature Superconductors. They typically maintain a low-profile, but I managed to sneak in an interview to learn a bit more about how their company works and what they're in the middle of developing.

Long story short, they have a working room-temperature superconductor technology, and are close to finishing up their ZPE-generator technology as well.

I have an audio interview online at the following URL -- its in a Windows Media 9 format: Mark-Goldes.wma

or the interviews page, on the bottom:

Special thanks to Bill Alek for his interview co-hosting from:


Tim Ventura

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